Woman Transforms Outdated Clothes Into Chic Fashions

I'm always amazed at people who can upcycle old clothes and make them into something beautiful and new. Somehow I never got the sewing chops from my mom. I'll admit it's a talent I've always wanted, especially when I see people like Michelle Macia who can do wonders for old clothing. She's really a wizard when it comes to remaking outdated pieces.

Can you believe she made these dramatic sleeves out of this old sweatshirt?

Oh my goodness, it looks like an outfit you could've paid a pretty penny for in a store. Why shop anywhere if you can just have her redo it? Ha, ha!

She actually created a cropped top like this one out of socks.

Say what? I'm totally serious here, guys. I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see the video she posted on her Instagram of her doing it. Wow!

Isn't she one talented lady or what?

She made this amazing top out of an old boring shirt. I gotta say, this color definitely belongs to something outstanding, not just a plain shirt. Now, this outfit does it justice. Doesn't it?

Who can turn a simple white tee into a tie-dye masterpiece?

Michelle — that's who, of course. She gave these outfits a new lease on life and I'm totally liking it. I would wear all of these fun outfits any day.

I think this girl has a flair for unusual sleeves, don't you think?

Well, as they say, don't fix it if it ain't broken, hehe. When you have a knack for something you better just keep doing it. And she is doing exactly that and more.

What would you do with a stretchy piece of fabric?

Well, when you're Michelle Macia you won't settle for just one idea. She was able to come up with a multipurpose bodysuit that looks absolutely stunning. I'm in love with this piece.

These trousers didn't look too exciting to me. How about you?

I think they didn't look all that great to Michelle either, ha, ha. So she used what she could out of them and made them into an adorable top.

Here's another interesting transformation Michelle made.

This time she ended up using just a bunch of ties. And she was able to come up with a cute top like this. It looks like she's ready for her next party, that's for sure.

Oh my gosh, I can't believe that she created this cute little summer number out of a plain white long sleeve shirt.

That's truly unbelievable. I can't get over how adorable this outfit looks on her now. I kinda want it too, hee, hee.

Have you ever had pants that no longer fit you?

I hear you girl, I hate when that happens, too. But what if you could just make an awesome and stylish skirt out of them? Wouldn't that be amazing? Hello, my little friend.

Here's another boring shirt that got quite the upgrade.

Michelle was able to upcycle it into a fun little top like this one. Isn't it totally adorable? I love all the ruffles she was able to create here. This is stunning.

And what about this cute dress?

Is this something you could see yourself wearing? I definitely think so. But I wouldn't be able to say the same about the oversized top it used to be, ha, ha! This is quite the remake here.

A white, long-sleeve shirt and a black jacket pose so many possibilities.

Instagram | @michellemacia

Especially when you're as talented as this lady is. She was able to transform these two ordinary pieces into something that's definitely extraordinary. How stylish and chic is this?

I gotta say I'm really impressed by the creativity of this lady.

She is able to envision so many cool outfits that can be made out of otherwise boring pieces. That's real talent if you ask me. And I'm totally digging it.