Shine Like A Star With Shine Line Hair

Back a couple of years ago, rainbow hair usually meant one or two different colors, and even that was a lot.

Now, with the age of the internet and social media which have a huge influence on our beauty and fashion trends, there is so much more out there! Unicorn hair is no longer unique, everyone has had it or at least thought about it. Now, in order to really make a statement, one must take it a step further and go above and beyond, like with this new hair trend.

Shine line hair mimics that of a prism when the light reflects off of it in a certain way, and it creates a radiant rainbow. Taking horizontal sections of hair and dying it to create this effect, people have been doing it with rainbow colors, pastels, and more. You've got to see this!

1. I can't even begin to comprehend how magical this hair is!

Instagram | @uggoff

I should book an appointment with my stylist asap.

2. You can do any color shine line hair, but of course rainbow colors are more fun, right?

Instagram | @kristinacheeseman

3. Go for the ultimate unicorn look with this amazing, layered rainbow hair...

Instagram | @pravana

4. ...or be as sweet as cotton candy with this pastel baby blue and pink hair! 

Instagram | @hotforbeauty

Love this subdued color combo!

5. Rock out with tie-dye-inspired shine line locks!

Instagram | @hair_princess_steph

Perfect for a summer music festival.

6. How amazing are these colors? 

Instagram | @hair_princess_steph

I'm absolutely obsessed, it looks so pretty!

7. Rainbow shine line curls make for the ultimate hair goals, don't you think? 

Instagram | @theprismatics

I'm officially in love.

8. Prefer to be more understated? 

Instagram | @hair_princess_steph

Try a deep plum base color accented with just a hint of rainbow.

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