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Fans Think Julianne Moore's Kids 'Look Just Like' Her In New Photo

Most people look at least a little bit like their parents — after all, that's what genetics are pretty much for. I know I look a little bit like my dad and a lot like my mom, but for some people, they look like they could be proper clones of just one parent.

When that parent is a celebrity, it's pretty notable.

Julianne Moore is pretty iconic.

Known for her work as an actress in Still Alice, Boogie Nights, The Big Lebowski, Jurassic World, Crazy Stupid Love, Magnolia, The Kids Are All Right, and tons more, Julianne is a prolific and celebrated actress who might also be as well known for her acting as for her fiery red hair and stunning looks.

Julianne recently turned heads when she shared this photo of her kids on Instagram.

Instagram | @juliannemoore

"My babies," Julianne captioned this shot of her two kids, Caleb and Liv.

On top of fellow actress Jessica Capshaw's comment pointing out, "Those don’t look like babies anymore!!!" there was one theme pointed out pretty commonly in the comments.

Many fans pointed out that both kids looked so much like their mother.

Instagram | @juliannemoore

"They both look just like you. Beautiful!" one commenter wrote, while another added, "Your son is literally the male version of you!"

They really do look alike, although the striking red hair definitely helps in the comparison department!

"They are your spitting images! Your son is you without make up on, and your daughter looks like you with make up," one fan wrote.

Instagram | @juliannemoore

What do you think? Do you agree that Caleb and Liv look just like their mother, or do you think that the red hair is fooling people into seeing something that's not there? Let us know in the comments!