16+ Incredible Details People Discovered In Real Life

If you use your eyes, you'll see stuff.

Expanding this concept further, if you're observant while using your eyes, you might spot an interesting little detail. Barring that, of course, you can just peruse our hand-curated list of interesting stuff people have spotted.

Feeling a little stabby.

Reddit | wafflesflugon

Switchblades are often illegal but I'm not sure if any regulations can apply to a knife so tiny. What's this thing even designed to cut?

Hidden panda.

Reddit | MrMarvelous92

If you're squinting your eyes, trying to find where the rest of the panda's body is, don't. What looks like a panda head is actually, somehow, an anteater's leg.

Complex condensation.

Reddit | redrocketinn

These blackberry leaves gathered some condensation overnight, which isn't out of the ordinary. What is a little odd is the way the condensation formed in individual droplets all around the leaves' perimeter.

Rainbow tree.

Reddit | Nicat_95

This is a type of eucalyptus tree that can be found in Maui, Hawaii. Its bark is suitably bark-colored but if you peel it away, these vibrant colors are revealed.


Reddit | Cold_Zero_

It's nice to know that those who are really into the warm woodgrain aesthetic can find a cat that perfectly matches their hardwood long as they watch their step.

So much life.

Reddit | LacyD

This dead tree stump at Algonquin Park in Canada is now home to all kinds of new life. A glimpse inside its rotted-out middle shows just how much is going on.

Hey, lady.

Reddit | moon_lova

The sky above Saratoga Lake in upstate New York featured one standout cloud on this day, a cloud that looks exactly like the profile of a Victorian lady.

See it?

Reddit | Randolm

You're looking at a leaf. You probably figured that out already. What you might not realize is that there's a caterpillar on the leaf, hiding in plain sight.

Topsy turvy.

Reddit | Riptidechargerisback

It takes a second to realize that this gorgeous shot of Yosemite is actually a reflection seen in the clear waters of a creek.


Reddit | ixtlu

I guess a cardboard standup of Keanu Reeves pointing a gun at shoppers might come off as a tad aggressive so this storekeeper decided to censor his gun.

Part of the woods.

Reddit | mostafa3699

These snipers picked the perfect camouflage — not just for themselves, but also for their guns — for this exercise in a mossy forest.

Phone facade.

Reddit | Kokalan

This is the headquarters of a phone company, which explains why old-timey phones are etched into the side of the building. Soon, they'll have to upgrade it to include iPhones.

Something doesn't belong here.

Reddit | ME_2017

This hillside offers a pleasing view of the lowlands below, along with a friendly hippopotamus grazing in the grass.

No, wait, that's just a rock...I think.

Perfect symmetry.

Reddit | solfitrum

This slightly drooped phone line looks like it's holding the clouds in the sky behind it. It's a pretty interesting effect, one that only really works from this specific angle.


Reddit | ATrain177

This sandwich press is ready to fulfill all of your sandwich-pressing needs, but it's a bit self-conscious. So that said, please try to stop looking at its bottom.

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