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Shelter Puppy Loves Showing Potential Adopters His Dazzling Little Smile

A sweet shelter puppy in Louisiana knows exactly how to warm the hearts of anyone who passes by his kennel; all he has to do is flash them his signature smile.

According to The Dodo, this handsome fella is named Burreaux, and he has a penchant for showing his pearly whites to potential adopters. Because as everyone knows, if you want to stand out you have to make a good, lasting impression.

In January 2020, Burreaux and his two siblings were being kept at Caddo Parish Animal Shelter, which just so happens to be a kill shelter.

Facebook | Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana

Courtney Wingate, the director of the Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana, came across the 8-week-old labs and knew at once that she couldn't let them stay there, especially after one of them actually grinned at her.

So she enlisted the help of volunteer Sarrah Walton who picked up the puppies from the shelter. A big Louisiana State University (LSU) football fan, she named them Joe, Burreaux and O after the school's quarterback and coach.

Once the puppies were brought to the humane society, staff noticed something rather peculiar about little Burreaux.

Facebook | Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana

Whenever they spoke to him in a high-pitched voice, particularly while telling him what a good boy he is, the puppy would respond with an adorably toothy grin.

“It’s whenever you’re talking real sweet to him … he gets this smile like he wants something,” Walton told The Dodo. “[It’s] like he’s telling you, ‘Come pet me, come love me.’”

When the puppies were ready for adoption, staff tried to spotlight their unique talents in an effort to try and find their *furever* families.

Facebook | Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana

For Joe, all it took was a quick Facebook video of him expertly playing fetch snagged him a home in no time.

O spent a bit more time at the shelter but was able to find her furever family in February as well.

Of course, Burreaux's video was a no brainer: they would spotlight his charming little smile.

Facebook | Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana

In the clip, which was shared to the humane society's Facebook page, staff speak to the puppy in that high-pitch he loves so much, while he delights in the attention with his show-stopper of a smile.

"Burreaux begging for attention," the caption reads. "Oh and this smiler still needs a home."

After posting the sweet clip, staff were expecting Burreaux's grin would charm *some* people.

What they weren't expecting was for the short video to go viral, amassing over 40,000 views and more than 1,000 reactions from gushing users.

"So cute!" someone wrote, while another added, "I hope someone adopts this sweet babe."

Indeed, it didn't take long before the perfect family was found for charming little Burreaux.

Facebook | Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana

After much publicity, with his story being picked up by the likes of Huffington Post and PEOPLE Magazine, a local family was chosen to welcome the puppy into their loving home.

And I can only assume he always makes sure to flash them a little smile so they know how grateful he is to be part of their family.

h/t: The Dodo

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