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Quotes For People Who Have This 'Homeschooling' Thing All Figured Out

Oh man, remember when kids used to go to school and were someone else's problem for five glorious days of the week? Those were some good times.

Of course, those were also the pre-pandemic times, so they were actually even better than we ever realized.

Now as school boards around the world decide whether or not it's safe for children to return to the classroom for the 2020-2021 school year, we can't help but feel super conflicted.

On the one hand, we certainly don't want our children at school if there's still the threat of virus exposure.

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But on the other hand... homeschooling is freaking hard.

Today's parents are having to switch out their mom or dad hats for teaching ones, and that's not such an easy role to take on.


But remote learning is really forcing us to step up to the plate, even if that means trying to teach your kid algebra when you can't even solve math problems yourself without a calculator.

Seriously, did they change math? None of this makes sense!

Of course, depending on your own abilities, some parents will have... *different* approaches to homeschooling.


Some will be all about the curriculum, doing everything they can to not only make sure their children are absorbing the information, but also having a good time while doing so.

And then there are the other parents...

Hey, no judgement here, we're all just doing whatever we can during these insane times.

We can't all be winning "Homeschooling Teacher of the Year Awards", right? Some of us are just lucky we remember how to cross-multiply.

Welcome to the year 2020. It's terrible.

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