14+ Times People Gave Us Some Not-So-Subtle Hints

Paddy Clarke

When someone is doing something that we don't like we can often try to find subtle ways to try and prevent that person from doing so in the future. However, some people can be a little more heavy-handed than others in this area!

So, with this in mind, please enjoy these hilarious 14+ times people gave us some not-so-subtle hints.

"Son's teacher updates their activities on their app for parents throughout the day. My kid is notoriously dramatic. Guess which one he is? Hint: he hates shoes."

Reddit | ocular-pat-down

I really resonate with the kid who just said, "I'm mad because I'm mad." That kid really has their stuff sorted out!

They're Not Wrong!

Reddit | YellowBatman

The only way that this could be worse is if they had written it in Comic Sans or the Jokerman font!

"That is a great hint!"

Reddit | GUS74V

In fairness, it is just a translation, but based upon the structure of the question, what else could they possibly want the student to do here?

"Suggestive cobbler..."

Reddit | timothybhewitt

You know what, I think that I would be taking my shoes to another place if I'm honest. I don't think my footwear is really into this thing.

"I'm leaving my GF a subtle hint..."


This is making me feel incredibly queasy! Don't go playing around with other people's shower hair! And I can't believe I just had to say that!

"He has the clear advantage!"

Reddit | hardstone123

I mean, I guess he raises a good point. By this logic, I should have applied for student government!

*Cries into keyboard...

"Someone clearly can't function without their morning coffee."

Reddit | Nole_in_ATX

Whatever it is that she was ordering, I hope that the barista just put an extra shot of coffee into it!

"Waiter was clearly not paying attention..."

Reddit | sivribiber

I mean, there are many more polite ways to let someone know that they have made a mistake than this masterclass in passive-aggression.

"Subtle yearbook quote..."

Reddit | SimShade

That smile is the smile of someone who knows exactly what they are getting away with! Nice going Daniel!

"There are always some tiny details that give Americans away, when they come to Canada..."

Reddit | maricc

Oh, good Go, I only just realized that they have "WHYBGUD" as their license plate. Who hurt you, my guy?

"My GF hinted she wants a teddy bear for Valentine's day. I hope she likes it."

Reddit | MentalRobot

Ah, yes, nothing makes a teddy bear look cute quite like a real set of teeth in it's grimacing mouth!

Don't Let The Gnomes Grind You Down!

Reddit | raindropsandwhiskers

If you really want to get back at lawn gnomes then the best way to do so is to confiscate their little fishing rods and snap them into pieces! No mercy!

"Obviously finals week is taking its toll..."

Reddit | notheconor

Someone actually suggested that he may actually just be trying to absorb the knowledge through osmosis! And, I must confess, I've heard stranger ideas due to exam stress before!

Well, If You Say So!

Reddit | wherearemytweezers

If you're going to try and emulate John Cleese's silly walk then make sure you stretch out before you try it!

"My friend wanted stud muffin on his plate..."

Reddit | Wartortlesthebestest

Well, I can guarantee that this license plate is going to not have the effect that they desired! I'd give this guy a wide birth!

"I guess my son thinks I need to lose weight."

Reddit | Pencreus

Well, at least he considers you his best friend! That is incredibly wholesome and definitely the part you should be focussing on!

"I found this from my husband in the bathroom..."

Reddit | AJBHcats

Look, I know it might sound like they're snapping at this person, but they clearly "don't want to murder [them]", which is all you can really ask for in a relationship!

Good To Know...

Reddit | ihazadum

Based on how they absolutely dropped the ball on that "e" I don't think that I could go out with someone like that. I have ridiculously high standards when it comes to penmanship... which is just as sad as it sounds.

"This has evidently been a problem in the ice cream aisle!"

Reddit | wyrdyr

I would love to see a supercut of all the people who have tried to do this in the past on that garage's security cameras!

I'm Not Falling For That!

Reddit | squi-dward

That seems like exactly the sort of thing that a van that had just been feeling a crime scene would say!