Unicorn Skeleton Lawn Decoration Is The Definition of Creepy-Cute

These unicorn skeletons are a magical nightmare and we are so here for it!

We're not sure whose disturbingly brilliant imagination this mythological skeletor came from, but there's something undeniably enchanting about Fun Express's new Halloween decoration.

This boney skeleton unicorn will point trick-or-treaters in the right direction.

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The plastic decoration is 43 inches (3.58 feet) by 27 inches (2.25 feet) and comes in one piece. The body is all bones, but the horn is made of nothing but magical unicorn goodness. Just kidding! It's plastic.

This guardian angel may look a bit different than you imagined.


We're not saying the unicorn will for sure protect you from your enemies, but maybe you'll feel a tad more relaxed knowing a magical skeleton is guarding your home at all times. Plus, it looks so cool!

It's your chance to be the ruler of dragons.


Fun Express also has a Dragon Skeleton that measures 49 inches (4.08 feet) by 36 inches (3 feet), and features epically savage fangs and claws.

Maybe you're feeling some major Game of Thrones vibes or just love mythical skeletal creatures. Either way, it's certainly a feast for the eyes.

It's time to introduce this creation to the neighbors.

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They're the size of little dogs, yet big enough to make quite the impression on the whole neighborhood.

Get your mythical Halloween on here.

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