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Spook Trick-Or-Treaters Silly With This Pennywise Balloon That Lets Out A Creepy Laugh

We can't think of a better way to send friends and family running for the door this year than with this Pennywise balloon that lets out an extremely disturbing laugh.

Trust us, this is not for the faint of heart!

Come to think of it, this is perfect for every Halloween fan.

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Whether you are a horror movie fanatic or just have a thing for murderous clowns (eep!), this Halloween balloon was made for you.

The funny thing is, it doesn't just dangle from the wall or ceiling, it rotates while maniacally laughing and reveals the famous line, "time to float."

This creepy balloon has some big shoes to fill.

Hanging from a 14-foot-long cord, this cringe-worthy balloon is hardly a laughing matter.

Just as Pennywise highjacked the nightmares of movie-goers and gave them uncontrollable anxiety, this IT balloon is sure to leave an indelible and frightening impression.

Don't fool around with just any generic Halloween decorations.

Unsplash | Blake Cheek

The IT balloon will be available in stores on Sept. 15, but you can place a preorder now. Not to scare you (any further), but this is a seasonal item and it could suddenly vanish.

This'll make for a memorable jester.

Party City

Get ready to make 'em jump, cry, or run out the door in terror. With any luck, you and this balloon will accomplish all three. (Insert maniacal laugh here.)

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