A Cozy And Creepy Bat Swaddle Blanket Is Perfect For Bundling Up Babies

If you're lucky enough to be experiencing your first Halloween with a new baby, congratulations! I am super jealous of you. Why? Because Halloween baby stuff is adorable.

For Halloween this year, Ankle Biters Kids introduced a Baby Bat Swaddle blanket. Yup, your kid is about to rock some bat wings.

Oh. My. Goodness.

Ankle Biters Kids

This is the perfect gift for Halloween babies! This is designed for newborns who want to keep things spooky but is also available for preemies, as well as babies three-six months and six-nine months.

The blanket is super safe for babies, no worries.

Ankle Biters Kids

It has three black snaps, two of which are on the outside wing and the last inside to keep little arms from wiggling. The inside is 100% cotton!

Look at that angry little face.

Ankle Biters Kids

That's the perfect facial expression for a tiny little bat who has been thwarted from wiggling around.

Each bat swaddle is handmade, and some can even be made custom!

You can join a waitlist to get yours.

The current stock is sold out — handmade things take time, y'all! — but you can sign up on their site to be notified when it's back in stock. Check it out here!

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