17+ Hilarious Moments That Prove Lost Things Don’t Stay Lost For Long

Some people are always losing things. I, for one, am one of those people! I remember always having mismatched gloves as a kid as I would always lose one from every pair!

However, sometimes, things that we think are lost turn up in funny and weird fashions. So, please enjoy these 17+ hilarious moments that prove lost things don't stay lost for long!

"Where Could They Be!?"

Reddit | Artantic

I think that everyone has experienced a moment like this where it seems like your keys have disappeared into the ether, only for them to be right under your nose.

"Lost cat..."

Reddit | magnacartaholygrailz

Sure, my cat does my head in from time to time, but if someone kidnapped her like this then I think that I would have to go on a Liam Neeson-style Taken mission!

"Opened a sauce pan at Ikea to find this..."

Reddit | ex-mo-fo-sho

Someone asked what it smelled like and they replied, "There was a hole for steam in the lid... so I imagine it leaked out over time. No fart smells detected. Now, if someone did this in a sealed container (coffee thermos, storage jar, etc.) it would last."

"I don't know where my roommate finds these refrigerator magnets."

Reddit | Dante_Padfoot

"Hey, Dave, can I talk to you about the new fridge magnet?"

"Oh, don't you like it?"

"It's not that I don't like it. It's just that I like being able to actually open the fridge door."

"Must... Return... Cart..."

Reddit | cheezeburger22

This man is an absolute hero for everyone who has ever worked as an attendant in a shopping center parking lot! Way to go above and beyond the call of duty, guy!

"Friend of mine lost his thumb, nothing a quick tattoo can't fix!"

Reddit | Jfu88

Of all the fingers to lose, losing a thumb would be an absolute nightmare! Still, at least he hasn't let it dampen his sense of humor!

"They lost their common sense too..."

Reddit | stickpoke

I'm sure that whoever found these keys would be more than happy to return them to the address! I mean, they'll probably take all of the stuff in the house while they're there, but still!

"Baker lost something. Wonder [if] he noticed or not..."

Reddit | MyLoveBox

"How did you get on baking that loaf, Dave?"

"Pretty good. It got real blurry towards the end though for some reason!"

"I asked Loretta what the weirdest thing someone has left in the casino lost and found [was]... she came back with this gem."

Reddit | adam_wc

I mean, I know that sometimes it can be easy to forget you were wearing a coat and leave one behind somewhere, but you'd think that someone would realize they were missing a leg!

"I held irony in my hands tonight. Customer lost these at my office."

Reddit | SpecVengeance

I wonder how many people lose their keys on a daily basis?! I bet the number is ridiculously high. Lord knows I've lost plenty in my time!

"Lost my gf tonight. Here's the last picture before she went in. Still searching for her now."

Reddit | grandmaester

If you have never done something like this when staying in a hotel room then, quite frankly, you have never lived!

"If lost return to..."

Reddit | Z7N6Qo

I think my partner would like for us to get a set of these shirts for when I inevitably wander off whenever we go food shopping.

"My daughter was very upset about misplacing her lost tooth. I told her to leave a note under her pillow for the tooth fairy explaining what happened."

Reddit | grapeormelon

I'm sure that the tooth fairy let them off in this instance. I mean, if they didn't, then that would be some spectacularly cruel parenting!

"Someone shot an arrows in my yard today... I left a note [in case] they return for it."

Reddit | wderek4348

I would be less concerned about them coming to retrieve their lost arrow and more concerned about them not firing more random arrows into your yard!

"Please return the black marker."

Reddit | Bad_At_Sports

That's because no one likes you, blue marker! Why do you have to be such a downer all of the damn time? Jeez, needy much?

"So I found my 9-year-old's 'lost' Yoshi toy in my freezer."

Reddit | d8ms

I wonder what Yoshi did to deserve such a punishment in the first place? Perhaps Yoshi was being annoying on Mario Kart. It's been known to happen!

"...Found the spoon honey."

Reddit | ihavesoreballs

Jesus, what is it with these bakers and leaving potentially lethal things in their loaves of bread?! What recipes are they following?!

"I lost my keys at the beginning of the big Seattle snowstorm a few weeks ago. The snow and ice is finally melting."

Reddit | Newenergy253

If I lived in an area that frequently got this much snowfall, I think I would have to buy a metal detector for when I inevitably dropped my keys!

"Neighbor's tortoise escaped and walked almost a street away. At around 250 pounds, this was their solution to get her home!"

Reddit | sweetsugr25

How on earth did a tortoise, and one of this size no less, escape in the first place? They aren't exactly known for their speed and cunning after all!

"My friend was drunk one night and stole a wet floor sign. He's drunk again but decided to return the sign."

Reddit | sludge44

It sounds like this person turns into a bee when they get drunk! I normally gravitate towards takeout food, not the color yellow!