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Fireball Sangria Is Just The Thing We Need To Usher In Sweater Weather

I always find autumn to be somewhat bittersweet. While I'm glad the swelter of summer gives way to more comfortable temperatures, I hate knowing that the season is coming to an end. As such, I'm always looking for something to take the sting out of the dying days of summer, and I think Fireball sangria just might be the salve I turn to this year.

Wine, meet whisky. Whisky, meet wine.

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Sangria is such a delight but I can't help but associate it with summer. With the addition of Fireball and its cosy and comforting cinnamon flavor, however, this cocktail easily careens into fall territory.

It's OK to punch up your punch.

Typically, people think that adding whisky to wine is a recipe for a hangover. But in this case, it's just a recipe for a delicious autumn-themed cocktail.

Pick your fruit accordingly.

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Summer fruit, like peaches, plums, and apricots, are typically the 'meat' of sangria, but if you're going for a more fall-forward approach, reach for hearty citrus fruits like blood or navel oranges, and apples.

I'm about to fall for fall.

Don't mind me as I go grab a sweater, mix up a batch of these bad boys, and forget all about my end of summer woes.

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