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Hilarious Grinch-Themed Face Masks Are Appropriately Grouchy

Christmas is typically a time of togetherness, but this year will no doubt be different. For those who still can't keep to themselves, despite the absence of mistletoe, you'll definitely get the message across with these delightfully grumpy Grinch-themed face masks.

There'll be no hiding your true feelings with these masks.

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We don't know about you guys, but this seems like the perfect time to embrace your brooding side. These Grinch masks do all the talking and provide the perfect expressions to remind everyone you come across to back their sleigh up.

People who refuse to wear masks make most of us more than a little grumpy.

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The Grinch has gotten a bad rap in the past, but this year he's got it all right. There's no telling where the Whos down in Whoville have been, or if they've washed their hands.

Sorry, not sorry Cindy Lou Who, we are not coming near you.


The Grinch has always been true to his name, and if he were around in 2020, we're sure he would be the staunchest supporter of social distancing. Even from Cindy Lou Who.

The Grinch is actually being a pretty great role model.


While super important, the reality is, face masks can be a drag. So why not let the people you love know you're doing it for them — even if begrudgingly? After all, nothing brings us together more during the holiday season than some good ol' fashioned commiseration.

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