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Amazon Driver Saves Senior Dog From Drowning In Backyard Pool

Most days, Amazon delivery driver John Cassabria knows what to expect. Drive to a neighborhood, put boxes on porches, and maybe greet a few friendly and not-so-friendly dogs while you pass by their yards.

But as CBS Boston reported, one August delivery resulted in a whole different sort of dog-involved event, and Cassabria became a hero.

He was walking past a backyard when he heard splashing and looked over the fence.

CBS Boston

In the pool, he could see what appeared to the the snout of a struggling dog, just barely staying above the water.

Without even pausing to think, Cassabria leapt into the pool and helped the dog up and out.

The dog was revealed to be Luka, a 14-year-old husky, whose back legs have been failing him.

CBS Boston

He doesn't like to swim because of that, but it's believed that a bone had gotten tangled in the vacuum hose for the pool and Luka had fallen in trying to retrieve it.

The family wasn't home, and Cassabria stayed with Luka for more than an hour until the scheduled dog sitter arrived.

Then he went right back to his route and successfully delivered the rest of his packages on time.

Talk about dedication to Prime delivery!

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