Quotes For How Disappointing Being 'In Your Prime' Actually Is

What exactly is the age when a person is supposed to be "in their prime"?

Everyone talks about this magical period where you are an independent, healthy adult with your life together and the sky is the limit, but does it actually exist?

Because as a woman now in her mid-30s, I'm starting to feel a little bit let down by this Prime I was promised.

I feel like lifestyle-wise I'm in a pretty comfortable place.

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I own a house I love, have two wonderful dogs, and after years of penny-pinching, I'm no longer living paycheck to paycheck. I'm not rich by any means, but I'm able to breathe a bit easier.

Is this sort of stable contentedness a sign of being in my prime?

Because if so, I need to seriously have a talk with my physical body.

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You see, I thought my prime would also be when I was my healthiest, you know?

Like, all the awkwardness of puberty and young adulthood was over and I would get to enjoy being my fully-formed me for a few years before the inevitable descent into aging.

Instead, I'm in bed by 9:30 each night and supplementing my diet with Metamucil.

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My thyroid has decided to just give up on doing its job in the last couple of years, and the doctor still can't figure out the exact source of my chronic hand pain.

Seriously, when I get up form my desk in a bit, everything is going to creak and crack.

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It will simultaneously feel good and awful all at once, while also reminding me that the prime I was promised isn't at all what I imagined.

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