Boozy Quotes That Have Us Saying, 'Cheers To That'

I don't know about all of you, but the first half of my pandemic largely consisted of stuffing my face with comfort food in an effort to...well, comfort myself. Because the world was flipped on its head and I was not prepared.

But now I'm well into what I'm considering to be the second half of the pandemic, and judging from how tight my clothes have become, it's safe to say my body needs a break from all that extra food.

So I'm going to switch to drinking!

Of course, I'm not promoting excess alcohol consumption here, and you should always drink responsibly.


But I think it's fair to say this year has been rough, and if a glass of wine is going to help keep me from absolutely losing my damn mind, then guess who's popping open a bottle?

This hot mess, that's who.

A lot of people are ahead of me on this one and have been drinking since lockdown began.


I commend them for that, because when this all first started, my coping mechanism was immediately just food, food, and more food.

But after so many months, Doritos and mozzarella sticks just don't satisfy the way they used to.

I should also say that I'm not planning on just going absolutely *ham* on some vodka, either.

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In order to remain a functioning member of society, and to save my liver, I'm just going to enjoy a glass of the good stuff here and there.

But I also think it's not such a bad idea to replace some of my snacky habits with a bit of alcohol, either.

Like, I really don't need to be making a grilled cheese sandwich half an hour after I just ate chicken fingers and fries, you feel me?

So instead, maybe I'll pour a glass of wine...and just make half a grilled cheese sandwich. Moderation for the win!

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