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Street Artist Uses Lego To Repair Decaying Buildings And The Results Are Amazing

There are some who think of Lego as merely a toy for kids. But for others, the possibilities of what can be accomplished with the colorful stackable blocks are infinite — and by no means restricted by age.

Street artist Jan Vormann is just one of those people. He's been artfully using Lego to repair buildings around the world and the results are truly amazing.

He's been steadily building a better future, one Lego at a time.

Instagram | janvormann

There probably aren't too many parents out there encouraging their children to go into professional Lego repair work, but there might be some after seeing what Vormann can do.

Vormann’s projects, collectively named Dispatchwork, can be spotted around the world. Where there were once cracks and crevices in damaged walls, you'll now find vivid, playful, and colorful building blocks.

Every single piece comes together for a great design.

Instagram | janvormann

Vormann shares the locations of his current Lego repairs through his interactive Dispatchwork website.

His mission, he says, is to aim at "childhood-memories in abstract shapes and vivid colors, towards a global collaboration of persons unknown to each other."

Vormann is the Yoda of Lego-building that we didn't know we so desperately needed.

Instagram | janvormann

Since 2007, Vormann has been revitalizing damaged spaces around the world, and he has since created a worldwide network of inspired fans who have also added their own Lego repairs to Dispatchwork.

Basically, Vormann is a pretty amazing trendsetter and the literal Yoda of Lego-building.

The man is a Lego-sy.

Instagram | janvormann

We've long known that Lego inspires kids to explore architecture and design, and now it looks like it works on adults, too. Vormann is living proof that Lego has no age or functional boundaries.

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