Fans Can't Decide If Henry Cavill Is Hotter In 'The Witcher' Or In 'Enola Holmes'

There are problems in life that I like to call 'good problems.' I'm not alone in this — lots of us have good problems every now and then. Whether it's trying to decide which restaurant gift voucher to use first or which friend group to hang out with on the weekend, sometimes we're making tough decisions between two very good things.

Henry Cavill fans are having a very good problem lately.

Henry Cavill as Geralt in *The Witcher* captured a lot of hearts.

The long white hair, the big sword — what's not to love? Of course, it helps that Henry Cavill is already a really attractive guy, so it seems like this role was just a recipe for success in terms of making a dreamboat.

Henry's latest role as a very hot Sherlock Holmes is also catching attention from the *Enola Holmes* trailer.

Of course, there's always been something a little sexy about Sherlock Holmes, but Henry really seems dedicated to taking it to a new level.

This has sparked a very heated debate online amongst some of Henry's fans.

Which role is hotter?

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Fans can't decide whether they prefer the hunky Geralt or the cocky Sherlock, and honestly, I'm right there with them. I love intelligence, but I'm also a sucker for a guy with long hair, so my heart feels like it's at an impasse.

Where do your allegiances lie?

Are you on team Geralt or team Sherlock? Do you need to wait to watch Enola Holmes to make the decision?

Let us know what you think about the battle of the Henry Cavills in the comments below!