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Candy Corn-Inspired Layered Cakes Will Make Anyone A Candy Corn Fan This Halloween

You gotta feel bad for candy corn. The poor tri-colored candy, often associated with fall and Halloween, is one of the most hated Halloween candies of all time. Ouch, much? The irreverent chef Gordon Ramsay even called it, "earwax formed in the shape of a rotten tooth."

Thankfully with a candy corn-inspired layer cake, not much can disputed.

See? Candy corn isn't so bad when it's in cake form.

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You can still pay homage to the classic fall treat without the threat of breaking a tooth.

While you could totally just decorate the outer icing with the three colors, yellow, orange, and white, you could also reveal a candy corn surprise on the inside.

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You're going to create different layers anyway, so why not make two of your pans yellow and orange with some food coloring?

Go all out and make the icing *and* the cake batter candy corn-patterned.

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If you actually enjoy candy corn, you can even make a candy corn stuffed cake so you can enjoy both ways to eat the festive treat.

We don't know what candy corn did to deserve all the hate, but we hope we showed that candy corn doesn't have to be so terrifying.

Will you be giving a candy corn cake a try to celebrate Halloween?

Let us know!