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Fans Are Just Realizing That Macaulay Culkin And Jessica Simpson Are The Same Age

It's odd to think that celebrities are human just like us and age the exact same way we do. There are some celebrities that feel incredibly young their entire lives, and other celebrities feel like they're been adults their entire lives.

It's weird when you realize two celebrities in separate categories are actually the same age.

This is Jessica Simpson.

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Jessica is most well-known for her multi-talented career that's spanned the past twenty years as a musician, fashion designer, and author.

She also recently celebrated her 40th birthday, which seems crazy, given how youthful she looks and how long she's been around in our collective consciousness.

And this is Macaulay Culkin.

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Macaulay is best known for his role as adorable and precocious Kevin McCallister in the Home Alone franchise, and he recently celebrated his 40th birthday by making all of us feel old.

Wait, he's how old? That can't be right...

Both Macaulay AND Jessica turned 40 this year.

Both stars were born in 1980 and celebrated their 40th birthdays this year.

It doesn't seem possible that both of these stars are the same age, when we're so used to seeing Macaulay as a child and Jessica as a teenager.

It is pretty crazy.

I can't decide if Macaulay feels like he should be older or younger than Jessica, but I know that it does not feel right!

Did you know these two were the same age? Who feels like they should be older? Let us know in the comments!