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Get Your Leftovers In The Halloween Spirit With Pyrex's New Seasonal Storage Containers

It's a pretty well-known fact that Pyrex is the unofficial CEO of all things cute and funky when it comes to storageware designs. No matter what occasion or season, Pyrex knows how to get us excited about packing up leftovers.

The company just launched their Halloween 2020 designs, so get your cursor ready to click "add to cart"!

Pyrex is back this Halloween season with two adorable seasonal designs that will certainly get leftovers in the spooky spirit.

Pyrex Home

Included in their launch is a 4-cup green-lidded glass storage container.

It's lined with Halloween-themed words like "spooky" and "trick or treat" and the cutest black cats we ever did see.

They also have an orange-lidded 4-cup storage container decorated with a collection of ghosts.

Pyrex Home

The container is also sprinkled with other popular symbols of Halloween, like spiderwebs, spiders, a moon, stars, and bats.

Pyrex is making sure every nook and cranny of our homes is accounted for when decorating for Halloween.

Each storage container is $7, so order them while you can.

We have a feeling these will be scooped up before you can say, "boo!"

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