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Lowe's Is Selling A Giant Mickey Mouse Inflatable For Halloween And It's F-U-N

It's time for Disney fans everywhere to combine cutie with spooky for Halloween, and what better way to do it than with one giant Mickey Mouse Inflatable?

Talk about making a big statement for Halloween this year. There is no better way to get prepared for scare season than with an adorable giant pumpkin Mickey.

There's nothing small about this mouse!

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Mickey may be a mouse, but there is nothing little about this inflatable friend.

It's time to turn your lawn into its own Disneyland, Main Street USA!

It's super cute and not too creepy.

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Let's be real, some people are not looking for a ton of gore and guts during Halloween.

For those who are all about the adorable (a.k.a. my kind of people), this is the perfect Halloween decoration.

Beware! These inflatable Mickeys are magically appearing and disappearing from shelves as we speak.

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This is not a drill people. These inflatable pumpkin Mickey's are not available on the Lowe's website.

People have had to go on the hunt for them IRL, so time is of the essence.

It costs $150, and assembly is required.

Get your giant Mickey inflatable some friends!

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Why not also get your inflatable Mickey an appropriately spoopy friend? Lowe's has many other decorations to help you assemble all the pieces needed for a truly impressive Halloween display.

Because, hey, if we can't have Halloween parties in 2020, we might as well fill our lawns with the most epic Disney merch possible.