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Mel C Says Men Never Harassed The Spice Girls Because They Were 'Petrified Of Us'

When it comes to feminist icons, few can hold a candle to the iconic '90s girl group The Spice Girls. Not only did they wear, say and do whatever they wanted, they inspired a generation of women to do the same.

Now, Mel C (aka Sporty Spice) is revealing why the creepers of Hollywood avoided the girl group at all costs and honestly, it's iconic AF.

Before we get started, I just want to say that this picture needs to be framed and shown to the aliens when they *finally* come abduct us:

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The is peak humanity.

The Spice Girls posing around a desktop computer the size of a small island?

Life never got better than this.

And according to Mel C (aka Sporty Spice) life was pretty rockin' back then for these five ladies, too.

Not just because of their global fame and notoriety, but because creepy Hollywood men were petrified of GIRL POWER!

While chatting with the "Table Manners" podcast, Mel revealed the ladies never experienced sexual harassment during their time in the spotlight.

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"I get asked quite a lot about the #MeToo movement within the music industry and if I ever experienced anything," Mel started.

"And I’m like, ‘Are you kidding me?’ No one would come near the Spice Girls because they were petrified of us!"

"You knew if you messed with one of them you’d have to deal with the other four," she explained, "so we always had backup."

However, these strong, beautiful and talented ladies did their fair share of experience sexism in the industry because of course they did.

“We started talking about Girl Power because we experienced sexism in the industry,” Mel revealed. "We were just five girls, we wanted to be famous, we wanted to be pop stars."

Instagram | @spicegirls

"Quite quickly we were being told: ‘Girl bands don’t sell records, you can’t be on the front cover of magazines because girls buy records by boys.'"

Naturally, Mel explained the queens didn't take that disrespect lying down: "We were like: ‘Seriously, don’t say that to the Spice Girls’ — that’s a red rag to a bull."

Ugh, 20 years later and they are still the greatest girl group of ALL TIME!

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