14+ People Who Weren’t Afraid To Speak Their Mind

There is a lot to be said for speaking your mind but, on the other side of the coin, there are a lot of hilarious people out there who get into quite funny jams as a result!

With this idea in mind, please enjoy these 14+ people who weren't afraid to speak their mind!

"My three year old daughter had her teacher write me a letter. Not sure what she's trying to say."

Reddit | taraboom

Cheesus Christ, ask her to tell you how she really feels about all of that cheese next time! I can also just imagine her narrating this to the teacher, saying, "Did you get the bit about the cheese?!"

That's Good To Know!

Reddit | AimAndShoot

I know that I would probably live to regret it, but I think the cheapskate in me would be too tempted by the discount to turn this down!

"So my mom has a habit of throwing away my dad's drinks before he finishes them. This is his solution."

Reddit | ilagnum

What kind of person throws away a drink before it's finished anyway? I mean, I do but that's because I always forget I've just made a cup of tea and leave it to go cold!

The Truthspeakers!

Reddit | lod254

I am always terrified when children start to say anything as there is a very good chance that it's going to be cutting and painful to hear!

"I'm not sure if I want to order this..."

Reddit | kinghorker

You have to make sure that you really have the guts to give this a go! Also, $52 seems expensive to me just to wind up spending a few days on the toilet.

"Not sure if I should hire..."

Reddit | emrosto0l

I would absolutely hire this person. I mean, why shouldn't they include a testimonial from their mother? Are you saying this person's mother doesn't have a valid opinion? Jeez!

"Who said there's no truth in advertising?"

Reddit | whofliesthetardis

You know what? Some truths are just not worth pointing out. If you want to wear your pajama bottoms, then do so with pride!

"Not sure if public shaming of his children, or if he wanted to dress like this in the first place."

Reddit | mikelp82

Yeah, I really don't know what this guy is trying to achieve here, but I'd say just leave him to it...

"Not sure what to do with your life? Screw everything else... try this!"

Reddit | UnseenViral

I wish that I had set myself much more realistic, attainable goals like this as a kid. Maybe there's still hope for me being able to get a hat and put it on... A man can dream after all.

"I might need to have a talk with my daughter, but I'm not sure what I'd even say."

Reddit | SlightlyStable

I actually don't think that confronting her about this is necessarily the best course of action based on this horrifying scene!

"This dog showed up to PetSmart and asked to speak to the manager..."

Reddit | ProfessorRetro

Just make sure that you treat this puppy well. Otherwise, they will cause merry hell and file complaints against everyone!

"Honesty in my son's homework."

Reddit | LucentPhoenix

I hope that this kid got top marks for this. This is an ingenious way of approaching this problem!

"How can you tell if someone is a marathoner? Don't worry, they'll tell you."

Reddit | dcknight93

I actually had no idea what these things were before now and neither did a lot of other people. One person thought they were radio station stickers and another person thought that they were bible verses!

"Honesty is the best policy!"

Reddit | Merzoth

I have never known a hand dryer to actually dry my hands before. Well, except for the Dyson AirBlade. But I don't know why I'm plugging though they need any help!

"You Just Can't Get The Staff These Days!"

Reddit | ohsureyoudo

Oh, sure, my cat might consider me staff but when the treats come out she knows that she has to be in the good books!

"Finally, some honesty from Burger King."

Reddit | Ockniel

Well, that's what people get for going to Burger King! Burger King is to food what The 1975 are to music.

"Saw this guy on the way to work today. I like his honesty!"

Reddit | Mormotron

Apparently he was just hitchhiking and if you've ever been in a car with a boring hitchhiker, then you know true discomfort!

At Least Krystal Is Being Honest About Where It Stands...

Reddit | HolyWaterShop

I think that a lot more fast food restaurants need to lean into the idea of pandering to drunk and hungover people! Deep down, McDonald's know who's buying the saver menu!

"He did say please."

Reddit | WeTheIndecent

It's not often you see someone begging to get pulled over. Surely driving to the police station would be easier, no?

"In Korea, a middle school student hacked the electrick [sic] board today. It says, 'newspaper company [electric] board, you've just [been] hacked by a middle school student.'"

Reddit | Dodo_CAKE

When you don't have a message to spread, humiliating your victim is just as good!

"We had a candidate interview for an IT position today. He literally designed and printed this shirt because he was interviewing on Halloween!"

Reddit | Taherham

If you're wondering, they did, in fact, hire him. How could they not after this?

"New sign went up in the neighbourhood. Wonder what her sign says?"

Reddit | mossyturkey

Wait, you can just buy these kinds of signs? Or did he steal one from the side of the road?

"Her tattoo says 'fresh spring rolls' in Thai."

Reddit | bolthead88

We all know what happened here, but I like to think she genuinely has passions for both spring rolls and the Thai language.

"To all the crust haters this pizza place has something to say."


Bold and brave of this pizza company to alienate part of their audience, but hey, they only want the best.

"[...] my family is moving and my mom decided this is how we’re saying good bye to our pain in the neck neighbor."


The type of hatred and spite that actually warrants spending money on a lawn sign is a powerful one.

"Things you don’t think you will have to tell your kids, 'Please do not use my good lipgloss on the chameleon.'"

Reddit | mylovelyme

At least they didn't use a lot... And the chameleon looks fabulous in it!

"You could say it makes the ice scream."

Reddit | StormSwampert

There's also a chance it could spook them right out of the enclosure, and the last thing you want is wild ice cream tubs running around.

"A truck I saw while in traffic."

Reddit | onlyasouthpaw

What if I do like trucks? Should I buy more things? Well, if you insist.

"My daughter says I ruined the game Guess Who."

Reddit | bp1108

I'll be honest here. She's right. This has to be some form of cheating.

"My mum tried to tell me Birds weren't animals this is what the internet said."

Reddit | HEAVEYS

I've stared at this for a long time trying to figure out what kind of education this woman got that lead her to this conclusion. It worries me.

"Fire Station tells it like it is."

Reddit | RCX42

And this, everyone, is why you should always be nice to firefighters (and also because they perform an invaluable, dangerous service that saves lives).

"I stumbled upon my kindergarten yearbook and found this inside. I'm on the bottom...I guess you could say I've always been a bit of a realist."

Reddit | jargo1

If you keep your expectations realistic and humble, you have less of a risk of being disappointed!

The Sad Truth About Walnuts...

Reddit | theboyjones

I used to hate it when I would see one of my parents fill a bowl full of walnuts as we approached the holiday season... Not a single person eats them!

"I'm telling you, she's coming."

Reddit | bigatjoon

They forgot the second "t" in Scarlett, though! How will she know it's for her?!

"I appreciate the honesty, barista..."

Reddit | somewisdom

If you're also struggling to work out what this actually says, then let me give you a hand: "I'm out of it and couldn't spell your name. I'm really sorry."