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9+ Weird Things People Discovered Hiding In Their Homes

Ah, old houses. What treasures can they hide? If you live in an older home, have you ever wondered that? Perhaps it's time to start looking, ha, ha!

As it turns out, even though you might have lived in your home for some time, that doesn't mean you can't find something unexpected. These folks did and they were very happy to share it with the rest of us.

1. This Lucky Find

Reddit | DiaBoLo73

How would you feel if you found 83 gold coins at the bottom of a coal container after renovating the house? I think I would be pretty thrilled after making this discovery. I wonder if they're worth something!

2. This Old Deed

Reddit | intersecthomes

This person found something quite interesting while renovating this house. It's a 255-year-old document that was in the wall of the house and it looks like a handwritten deed from 1765 for a house in Burlington, New Jersey.

3. This Coin

Reddit | theguy12223

Perhaps this is not the best reminder of the WWII era. This coin was found in this person's grandma's house in Poland. I would probably just donate it to a museum. I don't think I would like to keep it myself.

4. This MacBook Pro

Reddit | omarmourad

Oh my, how could somebody forget that they had a brand-new, never-opened 2011 MacBook Pro? This person found it in their relative's house. My MacBook from the same year is still going strong, albeit with a few modifications.

5. This Interesting Object

Reddit | Crissanchiz

The person who found this pretty object thought it was a compass. As it turns out, it's actually a sundial. It's a device that tells the time of day by using the position of the sun in the sky.

6. This Built-In Toaster


The folks who bought this house found that it came with a curious feature. It actually has a built-in toaster. Come again? I've never heard of such a thing, ha, ha! But now that I see it I think it's pretty dang neat.

7. This Chain In The Wall

Reddit | WomanOfEld

These people found a random chain embedded in the wall of their 1930s-era home. Hmm, what could that be all about? I hope this wasn't some sort of a dungeon of sorts, ha, ha! Am I right?

8. These Mummified Wasps

Reddit | Sickjoystick

How would you feel if you found this in a vent in your house? These seemingly mummified wasps are so weird to look at. Especially when you're someone like me who avoids wasps like the plague.

9. This Tiny House

Reddit | AeroBearo

The new owners of this house found something really cool underneath the basement staircase. It turns out the previous owners built a fully functional little house for their kids. I bet the little ones will definitely love this.

10. This Newspaper

Reddit | CommiesRNormies

Talk about a rare coincidence, this person found an old newspaper dating back 35 years and the date on it is the same date they found it in the house. Wow, isn't that so weird?

11. This Old Dictionary

Reddit | smolColebob

If you're a collector of old books, you'll probably appreciate this rare find. This little dictionary is actually from 1914 and it's pretty much been completely preserved. I love the calligraphy on it, too. It's so pretty.

12. This friendly-looking frog.

Reddit | dwrecksizzle

According to a Reddit user, "This frog statue [was] found tied up on the roof of the house we just bought."

I don't want an explanation for this. I just hope that they left it up there.

13. You know how you just find swords places?

Reddit | BriCins

"Renovating a 100-year-old house, found what looks like a samurai sword under a section of the house that had a dirt floor. The sheath is metal on the outside and wood inside. Still sharp and heavy," said the Reddit user who discovered this.

I have questions.

14. A whole Monopoly board room.

Reddit | Nnewel

Apparently, this house had a Monopoly board hiding under the carpet. Not only would I totally keep that, I'd refinish it and use it as a game room! How cool would that be?

15. Do you think this McDonald's coupon is still valid?

Reddit | heyimmvp_

Okay, so, say you took this to any McDonald's in St. Louis, as the card says. Could you theoretically still get a free birthday meal? I'm dying to know if this still works.

16. This "vintage" box of baking soda.

Reddit | LateEstimate6

It's a relic from 2004 and it has a nice surprise on the bottom: a Blockbuster coupon! I feel ancient for typing that sentence.

The offer expired in March of 2004, so I guess there's no cashing this one in. Oh, and Blockbuster doesn't exist anymore. But still.

18. Whoever used to own his house was a genius.

Reddit | AlliumVineale

The new owners wondered what the wall piece was for...until they pulled it down. Might as well have something to do while you're sitting in there, right? I'd bring my laptop in for Netflix, personally.

19. This creepy letter opener.

Reddit | MirandoleP

It looks like it's a three-fingered hand holding what might be an eye? Apparently, it slides open and can be used as a letter opener. When closed, it can be used to creep out whoever comes across it.

20. This old speaking tube.

Reddit | OnceOccupied

"Found this speaking tube in an abandoned Victorian house. Small hole is a whistle. Lever opens to talk in tube," said the Reddit user who shared this find.

So, it's like a house intercom, but from the Victorian era!

21. This amazing wallpaper.

Reddit | bubbaloon

This incredible wallpaper was found while peeling off the three layers of wallpaper on top of it. I would just stop there and keep this vintage masterpiece as-is.

22. This Hidden Room

Reddit | kneedeepinthehooplas

If this isn't a great surprise, I dunno what is. This hidden room was found in somebody's great aunt's house. Oh my goodness, I would be so thrilled if I found this in my house, ha, ha!

23. This Money Stash

Reddit | TipsyMc_stager

This person just happened to move the dryer vent when they discovered something stuffed inside. Turns out, it was a stack of cash worth $105. That's not a bad find for a day's work, huh? Not too shabby if you ask me.

See? I told you. You never know what you might find in an old house.

Especially if you haven't taken the time to go through it all thoroughly, there could be a hidden treasure — or a creepy find — somewhere inside.

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