Fans Are Loving New Pics Of Henry Cavill As 'Hot' Sherlock Holmes

Look, I'm a simple woman. I love sushi, reality TV, long naps and when Henry Cavill dresses up as someone smexy for a movie role.

So when new pics of Henry as daddy Sherlock Holmes were released to the public, fans (and myself) were thirsty AF for them and had to head to social media to let off a lil' steam.

Henry Cavill is best known for being gorgeous *as well* as starring in the latest "Superman" films.

He also stars in the hit Netflix show The Witcher which you must watch ASAP if you haven't already!

His latest role is in the highly anticipated "Enola Holmes" starring Millie Bobbie Brown.

According to Escapist Magazine Enola Holmes follows "a young, spirited girl raised by her mother (Helena Bonham Carter) with little of the grace and civility expected of a girl in 1884. However, when her mother goes missing, leaving behind only a few gifts, she must contend with her already famous brothers attempting to send her off to finishing school while trying to discover exactly what happened to her. The stakes get high as Enola finds herself entangled in a conspiracy that could set back the course of history while meeting a young, runaway Lord (Louis Partridge) caught up in the evil plot."

With Henry as Sherlock Holmes, fans can expect some devilishly handsome good looks.

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And these newly released pictures of Henry looking all kinds of handsome are making their way around thirsty Twitter FAST!

I mean, all I have to say is why didn't we have Henry dressed as a Victorian detective in our lives SOONER?!

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The movie looks super cool and Henry looks super hot so SIGN ME UP!

"Enola Holmes" will be released on Netflix on September 23rd!