Target Is Selling Jack And Sally Pumpkin Decorating Kits That Can Be Whipped Together In Seconds

One of the best parts about Halloween is taking part in the Irish tradition of pumpkin carving. Yes, fun fact—pumpkin carving was introduced by Irish settlers, who carved demonic faces into turnips to ward off trickster and sinner Stingy Jack's soul. Pretty intense, huh?

If you don't appreciate the mess of pumpkin carving or haven't managed to master the art of it, there are pumpkin decorating kits that make getting a pumpkin into the spooky spirit a breeze. Target is selling a couple that are simply meant to be on your porch.

Carving a pumpkin is a necessary Halloween activity, but there's no denying it can be pretty messy and downright dangerous if your patience tends to run on the low end.

Thankfully, there are products out there that help make glowing up your pumpkin a breeze.

If you always wanted to create a Jack Skellington pumpkin, Target has a decorating kit that quickly turns a plain old pumpkin into the Pumpkin King in seconds.


The "push-in" decorating kit comes with six pieces that, well, push right into the pumpkin like giant thumb tacks.

Of course, you can't have Jack without Sally, so there's also a decorating kit for the rag doll.


Add some extra DIY fun by painting your pumpkins white and a muted blue to match the creepy characters and really tie in the whole vibe.

These kits are so much easier than trying to saw every detail of their stitched mouths into a pumpkin.

Both kits are $10 and will be available starting August 27.