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Etsy Is Selling Magical Dragon Scale Tumblers That Change Color

Most of us need our morning cup of java like we need air. Am I right, haha? Well, what a better way to get your coffee fix than to pour it into a cool dragon scale tumbler?

You can take this baby around with you and make all your friends jealous while you're at it. And I haven't even told you the best part about it yet:

This tumbler has dragon scales that change color when activated by body heat.

Etsy | RockyTopTumblers

Say what? OMG, that's amazing. That's pretty dang cool if you ask me. Now, I want one of these tumblers for myself. It would make an awesome gift as well.

These tumblers are handmade and the scales are applied in a way that creates an almost 3D effect.

Etsy | SweetTeaSarcasm

That is so interesting and unique. Don't you think? I gotta admit I've never seen a tumbler like this before. This is so pretty.

I can only imagine how amazing these must look when the scales catch the light.

Etsy | GlitterBooze

It must've taken a lot of work but it's definitely worth it to create such a cool effect. I love how different and unique these tumblers look.

This one has all the colors of the rainbow.

Etsy | GlitterBeli

Looking at this tumbler's design, I'm honestly mesmerized by it. This is so gorgeous and way more exciting than your average coffee tumbler.

There are a bunch of sellers on Etsy that are offering cool dragon scale tumblers like these.

So, you can have your pick of designs and colors. You can even get them to add your name for a personalized touch. Wouldn't that be so wicked?