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Costco Is Selling Dog Toys Based On Its Popular Food Court Items

My fellow Costco stans, our time has come: Costco actually has dog toys available that are themed after Costco itself. I SAID THANK YOU, COSTCO!

These cute dog toys are done by Bark, aka the makers of Bark Box. And you just have to see all the cuteness for yourself!

Mind. Blown.

The toys are themed after the Costco food court! There's a slice of their giant pizzas, one of their iconic hot dogs, a non-branded drink (I see what you did there, Costco) and a Costco member card.

The toys are by Bark.

They're the geniuses behind Bark Box, the subscription box service that sends you a monthly box of toys for your pup!

Look at how the card is half-chewed — that's genius.

I think it's safe to say that dogs are big fans already.

Finally, dogs will understand their owners' obsession with Costco, especially the food court. There's no better hot dog in the world.

(Okay, there probably is. But Costco hot dogs just hit different, you know?)

You can pick yours up at Costco.

I checked my Costco's online supply, and it doesn't look like you can grab it and have it delivered. So you'll have to hunt for yours in store! Annoying, but think of the joy you'll get from finally succeeding at finding it.

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