Tweets That Remind Us To Look On The Funny Side Of Life

Life can be complicated and messy sometimes, but there are ways of coping with it. One way is to laugh off all the hard stuff. Sometimes, things like work, school, family, and relationships, come at us and make us feel overwhelmed. It's hard to keep up with anything and everything when we feel like the world is closing in on us. So, instead, we joke about all the little things to help us get by. Ask these people, they get it.

Why does it always happen this way?

My entire wardrobe seems to enter the inside of my duvet cover as soon as I put it int he washing machine with anything else. Lost socks? Inside the duvet.

Not happening today, buddy.

Absolutely no one in the world is currently happy enough to listen to people sing about it for a whole three minutes. None of us are happy. None of us.

Please, promise.

There is nothing worse than a difficult customer. But, on the bright side, if you make it bad enough for them they will decide to never come back. Win-win!

Why do I even bother trying to be a plant mom?

Plants are worse than children because we are constantly nurturing them and they are going to die the moment we look away. At least our kids will just throw things at us.

It's a perfect excuse!

Usually, I'm too poor to go on a lavish vacation. But, now I can pretend I'm not and tell people I didn't cruise around the world because of COVID-19.

Leave me alone forever.

I can't imagine having a long, rough day and then coming home to someone asking me what I'm making for dinner. No, thank you. Please leave me alone.


Everyone needs coffee in the morning to jump-start their day. But, when you're running late, that's when it truly matters. Coffee > clocking in on time.

It's a tough industry.

Twitter | @Pat_Lenz

One of the hardest things to realize is that not everyone is going to appreciate your sense of humor. Don't let that get you down, though. You just keep doing you.