18+ Giant Finds To Blow Your Mind

We go through life with certain expectations. Things happen at specific times, we all go through specific actions, and some things are just a specific size.

However, sometimes, things...are bigger. And things that are bigger tend to be very, very cool. Here, look through this list and you'll see what I mean.

"Locals were alarmed and called the police when a monster climbed out of Kamogawa River in Kyoto. It was actually a giant salamander."

Reddit | GallowBoob

I mean, I don't blame them for thinking it was a monster. Japanese giant salamanders can grow up to be five feet long, so they're about as close to a sea monster as we can get without going to the deep ocean.

"68-year-old prospector finds massive gold nugget worth $222,500 in Australia."

Reddit | 9999monkeys

I didn't even know prospectors were still a thing, but if there's still some uncovered gold out there it might be a career worth looking into.

"The size of this flag flown on a Spanish ship at the battle of Trafalgar, 1805."

Reddit | alesparise

Some more details provided in the comments tell us that this flag was flown on the San Ildefonso, it measures 33 ft x 48 ft, and it's made of wool. The reason for the size was due to it being a battle ensign, which was used to identify ally ships through smoke and cannon fire!

"I summited a volcano for sunrise this morning and I got to see its massive shadow."

Reddit | aryeh95

This was taken on top of Mount Adams in Washington state. The uploader said it took him five hours to climb the 6,800 foot vertical summit!

"Ancient armadillo fossils discovered in Argentina."

Reddit | CarnivalLaw

These giants, known as Glyptodonts, are said to have roamed the earth some 20,000 years ago. While part of me is glad these guys shrunk in size, another part is sad that they aren't still around so we could ride them like horses.

"Beehive found in California homeowner’s attic. Approx. 60,000 bees were relocated."

Reddit | CatPooedInMyShoe

I hope the owners relocated after this, too. Really though, let's all thank beekeepers and re-locators for a second, a much better fate for this huge colony than being fumigated.

"Massive columns of basalt rocks high above the fog in Iceland."

Reddit | CryptoExodus

These pillars are created by basaltic lava, which cools differently than normal lava in a process called columnar jointing, thus creating these shapes. This also looks like the setting of every edgy, almost horror sci-fi movie to come out from 2013 to now.

"Soaring bat colony."

Reddit | austinkh_

Bat colony, or vampire party out for a night on the town? Really though, throughout the years the bat population in my area has crashed due to a few factors, so it's nice to see them still thriving elsewhere.

"The size and age of this massive tree."

Reddit | Flamegator_Tamer

While this timeline is incredible, it's a shame it ever had to be cut down. Some guessed it was cut down for research, others for timber, but, regardless, it feels almost impossible to even think of how big it would have been today.

"Jadayupara, the world's largest avian sculpture."

Reddit | eTechEngine

This beautiful, massive sculpture can be found in Kerala, India. It's based on the story of a mythical bird whose wing was cut off in battle and it crashed to the ground, which explains the pose and the lack of wing on the other side of the sculpture.

"Giant 200 ft driftwood washed on the beach in Washington."

Reddit | GallowBoob

A lot of big, cool things in Washington, it seems. The good thing about this is that, with it being so big, I don't think anyone will be moving it any time soon, so it adds a very cool piece to the beach!

"Whale sharks are massive."

Reddit | HueyB904

I know that "sharks are big" is not a revolutionary or new statement, but I just saw fit to remind everyone. Plus I absolutely adore sharks, so any excuse I get to show them off, I take.

"A mural by Kitt Bennett."


Bennett's most prominent works are all massive ground-level paintings like this, all extremely gorgeous. The planning that it takes to pull this off, let alone the execution, is so impressive!

"A massive 170 foot wide tree."

Reddit | Luciphyr729

This is likely an Enterolobium cyclocarpum in Costa Rica, locally known as a Guanacaste tree. As much as I'm in awe of this, I'm also officially dubbing it the coolest picnic spot in the world.

"Roland, the massive 4000 Pound Elephant Seal who lived at the Berlin zoo in the 1930’s."

Reddit | MrBonelessPizza

That seal has better posture than I do, and seems to be better with kids. Apparently there are elephant seals today that break 8,000 pounds though, so there may still be a Roland successor yet.

"This 75 pound pearl was found inside a giant clam."

Reddit | Tucko29

This pearl was found by a fisherman in the Philippines, and he actually hid it under his bed for over a decade before he passed it on and its existence was revealed to the world. The largest pearl before this only weighed in at 14 pounds and was valued at $93 million, so imagine how much this puppy ended up being worth!

"Giant squid egg mass found off the coast of Norway."

Reddit | supremegalacticsquid

So in this one big bubble, there are tons and tons of eggs. This bubble could even continue to get bigger as it sinks, right up until they hatch. How is the ocean not overrun with squids by now?

"The size of this earthworm found in the Amazon."

Reddit | mets926

From the Martiodrilus genus, this bad boy was found back in 2016 by a wildlife biologist. Funnily enough, that same biologist is now studying king cobras. I wonder if this guy inspired the interest in snakes.

"Meet the Elasmotherium, a big hairy unicorn that existed as early as 29,000 years ago."

Reddit | gDisasters

Admittedly, these big guys are only "thought" to have large horns as horns cannot fossilize, but even without it, that's one big beast. We really did evolve from a world of monsters.

"Leatherback Turtles can get pretty huge apparently."

Reddit | Wridelbrimpf

The Leatherback Sea Turtle is the largest living turtle species, averaging around seven feet long with their fin span able to grow up to nine feet wide! They also eat almost entirely jellyfish.

"Big lettuce."

Reddit | Timazie

The title says it all. A massive bunch of lettuce grown in (as users guessed) either Alaska or Northern Canada due to those areas receiving an above-average amount of sunlight during spring and summer.

"I saw your big lettuce, here is my big celery."

Reddit | AllClear_

And in response to big lettuce, this user uploaded his own massive bunch of celery! While answering some questions, this user revealed that celery this big actually tastes a bit saltier, and the inside grows spongier.

"The Grand Canyon gets hit by a huge bolt of lightning."

Reddit | wj7_02

Taken by photographer Rolf Maeder, he had originally visited the canyon for sunset photos, but couldn't find what he wanted. In spotting an upcoming storm, he decided to stay, and in doing so caught the moment Thor touched down on Earth.

"The Canada Snow Lynx and his big maw paws."

Reddit | LtlPwny

You know how earlier on in this list I got to talk about how much I loved sharks? Well, I also love Lynxes, specifically the Canadian Lynx. Their paws are this big and padded with so much fur to protect their paw pads from the cold snow. Natural winter boots!

"Golden eagle's huge talons."

Reddit | gobermouche

We've all made the mistake of thinking eagles and hawks are roughly the same size. Or maybe that's just me. Regardless, it won't be happening again after seeing this photo.

"Gigantic dandelion."

Reddit | trishacarole

As someone pointed out in the comments, this isn't actually a dandelion. Called a Western Salsify, or a Goat's Beard, it does look like a dandelion and could be considered a weed in North America as it's an invasive species brought over from Europe.

"A huge walrus sleeping on the hatch of a Russian submarine, blocking the crew from exiting."

Reddit | GallowBoob

This walrus said, "If you're going to be an annoyance in my water, I'll be an annoyance on your ship." It was also probably nice and warm on the metal of the ship.

"On a trip to Madagascar I was able to see a huge baobab."

Reddit | Tockelford

Baobab trees are filled with water to survive the dry season, thus their large and almost bulbous trunk. After reaching their full height, they grow in circumference indefinitely at about one centimetre a year.

"Vending machine Doritos Cool Ranch bag had one BIG chip in it. So thick it stands up."


So a little different from the rest of the finds on this list, but I just had to include it. The user who uploaded the photo confirmed that, yes, this was the only chip in the bag, and that it was as hard as a rock, impossible to bite into.

"The sociable weaver nest."


The uploader gave some more details about the species and their nests: "Sociable weavers build large compound community nests. The nests are highly structured and provide birds with a more advantageous temperature relative to the outside, retaining heat at night for example."

"My friend's giant sunflower."

Reddit | Verryfastdoggo

While this one is definitely a monster, the current world record for the world's tallest sunflower belongs to Hans-Peter Schiffer from Germany, whose sunflower measured 30 feet tall!

"This extra large chocolate chip."

Reddit | dukebailey

Like other food mishaps, this was just a fault on the production line. I do feel like you could just pluck that sucker out and eat it like a chocolate bar though.

"These giant screws."

Reddit | AndyTarou

These specific screws are being used as the foundation for solar panel arrays, with their own special drilling machine. However, screws this size can be used in a wide variety of construction projects!

"Spotted a giant cabbage."

Reddit | krakenthelittle

While that is a massive cabbage, I also really enjoy how this picture looks like it was taken by a spy descending from above.

"Mounds of broken glass outside of a glass manufacturer."

Reddit | Fourtires3rims

These piles stand at 13 feet, and consist of defects and otherwise unusable pieces that will be melted and reused!

"A huge Allen wrench at work."

Reddit | yooobuddy

The perfect tool for putting together your giant Ikea furniture. The uploader said his company received this by accident, but most guesses as to its use boiled down to work on large machinery.

"Was startled to find a giant Roblox head wedged between 2 buildings in an alley way."


Despite my searching, I couldn't find much about...whatever this is. It's in Denver, Colorado, it's inflatable, and it appears to just be street art. I can appreciate the spookiness!

"This giant sized joystick that works and its accompanying TV across the street."

Reddit | kalispera_

This is found in Christchurch, New Zealand. It's a fully functional game, apparently a lot more fun with two people, and makes for a great feature on a date night!

"My sister has a giant Tic Tac box full of mini [Tic] Tac boxes."

Reddit | redditveteran

I feel like a lot of variations of this come out around Christmas, and it has to be my favorite form of gimmick merch. Many little things inside big thing? Yes please.

Super screwdriver.

Reddit | wil1i5

And still not big enough to screw those giant screws from earlier. According to one user, screwdrivers this size have a variety of uses: "Basically anything you would use a flathead, small prybar, punch, unsharpened chisel for, this makes it easier."

"Huge lemon from my mother’s lemon tree, posed next to my 100lb dog for comparison."

Reddit | farrahramona

Lemons like these are actually the result of a hybrid growth, but apparently taste just the same as a normal lemon! I also just really liked this dog, so I figured I'd put this pic on the list.

"A Steakhouse with a comically-Large pepper mill."

Reddit | MannyLaMancha

If only they had a shaker this big for Parmesan cheese, too, maybe then my tastes would be satisfied. The use for this was debated between "easier to reach everyone at the table" to "harder to steal."

"Came across a massive gathering of ladybugs on a hike today."

Reddit | f_n_a_

Maybe not large in size, sure, but large in grouping. According to one passionate user who hates these things, these are specifically Asian Ladybeetles. They migrate in swarms, invade homes, and bite!

"This building is a huge basket."

Reddit | CupBeEmpty

Found in Ohio, this building was once home to Longaberger Co., which, you guessed it, made and sold baskets. Apparently it's been on and off the market for a while now. Shocking that people aren't rushing to buy this.

"Found a chonky bee."

Reddit | eXXXcalibur

To my absolute delight, most of the comments were people talking about how cute and gentle bees really are, and they're right! Sometimes they just need a little rest when it gets too hot, just like we do.

"These massive crates being transported through my city at 3 mph."

Reddit | contestest

A mystery giant object, or series of objects, that were revealed to be sections of a drilling ship that were on their way to South Korea!

"Tusk of a woolly mammoth most likely killed by ancient hunters, Siberia."

Reddit | lowchan_r

So, picture this tusk on a mammoth. Now imagine taking that mammoth down with nothing but primitive tools and teamwork. Now feel bad that you couldn't even muster up the energy to make dinner last night. Just me?