Ikea Taiwan Recreated Its Catalogue With 'Animal Crossing' Characters And Items

Animal Crossing has become a worldwide phenomenon and for a good reason: It's a fun and interactive game that everyone seems to go crazy for.

So much so that now even Ikea is jumping on the bandwagon with its own version of their catalog inspired by the game itself. Ikea Taiwan came out with a Nintendo treatment alternative and it's pretty cool to see.

This Taiwanese catalog looks just like Ikea's typical one except for a few cool features.

Facebook | IKEA

The pages have been recreated using Animal Crossing's iconic characters and in-game items from the Nintendo game. It's pretty hilarious if you ask me.

Throughout the catalog, you can see the game's popular characters and items pop up on certain pages.

Facebook | IKEA

I bet this is one day going to become a collector's item. So get your hands on it while you can, ha, ha! Am I right?

This new version is like the game coming to life in the world of Ikea.

Facebook | IKEA

With the only exception of now being able to find what you're looking for in a much easier way. No more frustrations like in the game, lol.

Now, the game does have something in common with shopping at Ikea.

Facebook | IKEA

As you know finding something in the actual store can be a challenge. It's like a maze you need to go through to find the item you're looking for. (Ikea shoppers, does that sound familiar?)

How funny is it that Ikea's team used the game’s colorful cast of characters?

Facebook | IKEA

They even matched their outfits almost exactly to Ikea’s models. That's some smart thinking here if I do say so myself. And, it's cute to boot, too.

If you check out Ikea's Facebook page you'll see the examples of what the real catalog looks like versus Taiwan's version.

Facebook | IKEA

It's pretty uncanny, I gotta admit. I wonder which genius came up with this interesting and fun concept?

I bet all the die-hard fans of the game are having a field day with this Ikea catalog.

Facebook | IKEA

I don't play it myself but I'm finding it enjoyable just looking at it, hee, hee. I think it's absolutely adorable. What do you think?

I almost prefer this version slightly better than the classic Ikea catalogue.

Facebook | IKEA

It's a lot more fun to browse through it than just the regular one. I wish more stores did something as cool as this. Maybe they would get more customers out of it.

Are you digging this unique version of Ikea's iconic catalog?

What do you think if this idea after all? I think it's one way to get people's attention in this day and age. I give them A+ for this marketing ploy.