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10+ Random Things About Mayim Bialik Fans Didn't Know

You probably know Mayim Bialik best from her role in The Big Bang Theory as Amy Farrah Fowler.

However, prior to landing a role in one of the most iconic sitcoms of our time, Mayim was an actress on Blossom, a student, a mother, and so much more!

Here are some random facts about her that fans didn't know!

Mayim Bialik is one of the most popular actresses in the world, thanks to her role on *The Big Bang Theory*.

But just because fans love to watch her perform, that doesn't mean that they know everything about her!

Here are a ton of interesting facts for you to indulge in!

1. She has her own mom-blog and mom-vlog.

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"I think when I was a young mum a lot of mums were starting to write about their experiences and I wrote for a website called Kveller that really sought to bring a very honest voice to parenting, specifically Jewish parenting but we covered all types," she told The Guardian.

"It sort of grew and grew and I’ve now launched my own website called GrokNation where I am able to write about a wider variety of topics and hopefully reach more people including more of *The Big Bang Theory* audience."

Good for her!

2. She is a stay-at-home mom.

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"So, what's it like now? My sons are now 10 and 13," she said in a YouTube vlog.

"They go to the potty all on their own, they make snacks for themselves — although, I still like to make snacks for them, and for me. They play video games on their own, they have tablets, they think that scrolling through memes is a full-time activity."

"I still have no nanny or housekeeper, so I still spend a lot of my time doing laundry and cleaning the house and cooking."

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"I do take conference calls and do phone interviews from the house, and there are things I do like: I go to Taekwondo, I go to therapy."

3. She believes in breastfeeding her children for up to four years.

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For obvious reasons, this is highly unconventional. But so are many other of Mayim's parenting techniques!

Nonetheless, Mayim has always been transparent about her belief that children can and should be breastfed longer than what's considered socially acceptable.

4. She thinks enforcing manners on her kids is unnatural.

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"We talk about lowering other people’s expectations of when they will say it. Grandparents, for example, often expect pleases and thank yous. We had to have conversations with them that we believe in teaching natural expressions of appreciation," she told Health Land Today.

5. She prefers co-sleeping with her children, instead of them having their own beds.

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I chose to safely co-sleep with my sons, participating in the subset of co-sleeping known as bed-sharing," she said.

"That means my sons and I shared — and still share on many nights — a sleeping surface."

6. She is vegan, as are her children.

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"I'm vegan and my kids are too," she said in a YouTube video.

"Why? Because I force them to be. I mean, that's what we get to do as parents, right? [...] People ask more questions about what it's like to raise vegan children than what it's like to actually be vegan."

"Contrary to the meat and dairy lobbyists who decide what we should eat will tell you, children can thrive without eating meat and without eating dairy."

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"The only thing that vegans can't get from the foods that we eat is vitamin B12, which you can totally take a supplement for. My children are rosy-cheeked and alert, they have good endurance for sports, they are hearty, and they are hardly ever sick."

7. She and her dad used to take "daddy-daughter" trips to Minnesota when she was growing up.

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"My father and I took six daddy-daughter trips together when I was growing up. One was to Hibbing and Duluth to see where Bob Dylan lived. Ours was a Dylan-lullaby household. We flew into Chicago and drove, wearing Bob Dylan T-shirts all the way and stopping to take pictures of any sign that said Hibbing on it. It was fun," she told GoSanAngelo.

8. She is not opposed to online dating.

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Hey, it's hard to meet people nowadays! Online dating is all some people have.

"I guess it is kind of inevitable: the internet has taken over every part of our lives so why not dating as well I guess," she told The Guardian.

9. She believes that the female characters on *Big Bang Theory* are great role models.

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Which honestly, is so true. It's important to have strong, independent, and intelligent women on-screen!

"The Bernadette character on The Big Bang Theory is a microbiologist so I am proud that on our show we have two different kinds of women."

"One wears pretty dresses and gets to have pretty things in her hair and one is the Amy character who’s a lot more simple."

"Both are versions of scientists so, yeah, I think it is tremendous," she told The Guardian.

10. Like her *Big Bang Theory* character, she has a PhD in real life.

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Mayim completed her neuroscience studies in 2008 and then went on to earn her PhD before landing her role in The Big Bang Theory.

You go, girl!

"I really loved teaching and research. I didn’t have the grades to go to medical school and in retrospect I think I would have been unhappy in the structure of medical school," she told *The Guardian*.


"I had my first son in grad school and my second son right after I got my PhD."

11. She minored in Jewish studies.

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Considering the fact that she tends to speak mostly about science, this might surprise a few people!

"I minored in Jewish studies. I might have been the only one ever doing both. I’ve never really felt a conflict."

"The more I fell in love with science, the more I could accept that we didn’t create all of this."

"It’s actually elevated my spiritual connection," she told GoSanAngelo.

Since some scientists are known for being atheists, I'm sure this surprises a few of her fans!

12. When asked by *The Guardian* about the "leaky pipeline" when it comes to having women in science, she said that her job is to try and encourage young people to get into science.


"That’s a larger question for people other than me; I’m not an anthropologist or a sociologist," she said.

"But that’s part of why I do the work I do with Texas Instruments [as a brand spokesperson] – to try and encourage young people at an early age to sort of prepare for what a career might look like, which we would hope would involve the ability for them to have more confidence and more resources."

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"I think women do need a lot more resources especially as we get to the age when we want to start families and things; those are things that even though men have to make those decisions it is very different for women because we are the ones whose bodies literally have to stop and make it happen."

13. She is very careful about what she chooses to put on the internet about her personal life, but also wants to help people.


She won't write anything about her children, especially if they don't want it to be public.

She tries to keep it as educational as possible.

15. She told *The Guardian* that she isn't a huge fan of technology.


'I’m not a huge fan of technology. I use it where it is necessary for work, but other than that I can’t even work an iPad," she said.

To be fair, technology does get more and more intricate as time goes on.

14. She has had to banish the rumor that she does not vaccinate her children.

There was a miscommunication between herself and the media, but she insists that her children are vaccinated, as is she.

However, she also insists that people should listen to doctors, not to her when it comes to vaccines.

16. When asked by Fox News how she coped with being a celebrity from such a young age, she responded:

"I think that there's not necessarily one path that I could say one should follow. I did have pretty strict parents and my grandparents were immigrants. So a lot of those ethics, I think, kind of kept me from really being interested in doing anything fun or pleasurable because I was always studying or doing chores or cooking or whatever."

"But I don't know that that's a secret. I know for me, that definitely worked with my personality. My parents still kept me going to public school. A lot of people get emancipated, but I didn't get emancipated."


"I still kind of had like a normal life. But I think a lot of it is just personality. I got into therapy honestly as a late teenager. And I think that helped me a lot. It gave me some perspective and I'm very grateful I had that opportunity. I wish that everyone who [is] acting or not had that opportunity.

17. She is actually a huge advocate...for cats!

She truly believes that we should go to the same lengths for our cats (or pets in general) that we would for our children.

It's a life you chose to take care of, and so, you should do everything in your power to keep them safe, healthy, and happy.

18. *Big Bang Theory* allowed her to "expand the scope" of her Jewish presence and for that, she is grateful.


After all, considering the fact that much of Hollywood is about the straight white man, it's important to many that they can see themselves on-screen.

Representation really matters!

19. She doesn't wear pants outside the house.

Personally, I can't imagine a world without wearing pants or tights everywhere, especially in the winter.

But I suppose when you love a skirt as much as she does, you just don't need pants in your life!

20. She has a lot of opinions about women dressing modestly.

"I think that trends go up and down, but I think it’s important to point out, there are ways to be attractive and not have to show everything. And I think that is a lot more part of our sensibility now," she said to Jew in the City.

"Obviously with the Me Too movement we have to be so careful because there is absolutely no excuse for anyone touching you, making comments, anything like that."

"But for those of us who feel more comfortable with kind of less showing, I think it’s really important to realize that there are ways to do that and to look the way you want. And that really is the ultimate aspect of Orthodox feminism – feeling empowered by the way you dress in a way that makes you feel confident and good about yourself."

Do you know any other interesting and random facts about Mayim Bialik?

Or were you pleasantly surprised by all of the facts that we presented you with in this article?

Either way, let us know down below in the comments! We would love to hear from you!