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Walgreens Is Selling 'Nightmare Before Christmas' Succulent Planters To Collect For Halloween

Succulents may be more commonly associated with warm weather and all things summer, but they're actually a pretty diverse decor piece that easily brings some life to any room.

Now you can bring spooky Halloween vibes to life with Nightmare Before Christmas succulent planters from Walgreens.

You might not think drugstores are where it's at when it comes to getting your home ready for Halloween, but it's time to start skimming the aisles on your next toothpaste trip.

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Last year, Walgreens put out the cutest Jack Skellington and Sally faux succulent planters and they're back this year with updated versions and a couple new Nightmare Before Christmas additions.

As Jack Skellington would enthusiastically exclaim, "What's this?! What's this?!"

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This Halloween season, Walgreens is selling four faux succulent planters in the shapes of iconic characters from the 1993 stop-motion film.

As you can see, Jack got a bit of a succulent haircut this year.

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His best pal, Zero, one of the new additions to the collection, sports a bright orange succulent to match his glowing jack-o'-lantern nose.

Don't worry, Sally is back with a succulent haircut as well.


This year, the Sally succulent planter features a burgundy-colored succulent to go with her rouge hair.

The Oogie Boogie succulent planter has a sharp-looking black succulent on top of his head, making it look like he's sporting a mohawk.


These are perfect collectors' pieces for Nightmare Before Christmas fans and can and should be kept out all year long. The best part is that they can't die, just like Jack and Sally's love for one another. Awwww!

Each planter is three-inches tall and $5.99.

Check out your local Walgreens to see if they're in stock, or head to their website to find an exact location.

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