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10+ Tweets That Prove Kids Today Are Like Their Own Sub-Species

At the risk of betraying how old I am, I must say that I really and truly do not understand kids these days. And I'm sure I'm not the only one.

This is obviously something that happens with age, but nothing has ever bummed me out more than realizing I can no longer relate to high school-aged people who now consider me an "adult" and therefore someone who is not worth their time.

So rather than sit back and let myself feel old as heck, I've decided to compile a list of tweets from people in the same boat I am in an effort to remind myself I'm not alone — none of us get kids these days.

Guess which one pays more.

I'm actually pretty bitter about this one. If only I'd been born at a time when looking cute in front of a camera could turn my entire family into millionaires.

I don't think he's not ready to hear about the internet situation back then yet.

But also good luck trying to explain dial-up because no kid today is able to properly comprehend that kind of archaic technology.

This is one of those "If I ever said that to MY parent" situations.

Seriously, if I even had the slightest tone to my voice, I would have very quickly regretted it.

Kids today have guts, and I kind of respect that, if I'm being totally honest.

Must be rough.

Anyone else remember a time when you were only allowed maybe about an hour of internet per day? And you had to use the family computer? And it took hours for the internet to even load anything?

Yeah, same.

"Screen time" wasn't even a thing when I was a kid.

I know I sound like a cranky old lady here, but it is just genuinely so fascinating to me to think about a generation growing up with something I didn't actually get myself until I was much, much older.

Money well spent.

But in their defense, I've found myself doing the exact same thing lately.

So maybe the kids get a pass on this one.

This is one reason why I'm grateful I don't have kids right now.

I've spent my quarantine watching just about every single show on Netflix possible, quietly rediscovering my love for reading, and even sharpening my cooking skills.

All of which are things I most definitely wouldn't have been able to do with kiddos.

That was the house you went to every weekend.

My "rich" friend also had all the name-brand snacks and a pool that all the neighborhood kids used every summer.

Me neither.

I wish I knew that whenever a kid under the age of 10 asked me "guess what" because the answer is almost never as interesting as they make it seem it will be.

And it was a *blast*.

I'm not saying one is better than the other.

But I will say one didn't cost my parents $80 a month, that's for sure.

That one hurt.

I've also felt this same way when I had to explain myself to a kid after saying I was going to "rewind" the movie we were watching on Netflix.

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