Quotes For When You're Just Done With The Marriage Thing

No one who gets married wants to imagine it ending in divorce, but statistically, the odds aren't great.

For whatever reason, a couple just isn't right for each other. It could be as simple as falling out of love after a decade of growth and change, or it could be something traumatic. Just like every relationship is different, so is every divorce.

So many people see divorce as a failure or bad thing, but sometimes it can actually be exactly what both parties need to move forward happily.

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There's no easy way to get divorced and no matter how amiable a break-up may seem on the surface, there will always be some hurt feelings and disappointment.

Depending on the people involved, the divorce process can be dramatic, to say the least.

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Especially if there are kids in the mix.

For some couples, the kids are the bedrock that helps set aside petty squabbles over material goods and approach the separation maturely for the children's sake.

For others, the kids are just another thing to fight over.

A lot of quotes and memes I've seen about divorce are particularly gendered.


Ones from the husband's perspective are about how the wife was nagging or grew ugly and fat, while the wife's perspective are all about abuse and cheating.

It's all pretty sad to see, since divorce really is tough regardless of the genders of either party.

Ultimately, what's important is to do your best to make mature, reasonable agreements and then move on with your life.

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You'll get through it and hopefully come out stronger for it.

Plus, there will be no one around to hog the sheets anymore. Unless you have a dog or a kid. They will hog the bed instead.

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