Quotes For People Who'd Like 2020 To Chill The Heck Down

We are more than halfway through the year 2020 and I think that if I hear the word "unprecedented" one more time, I may just break something.

Or dissolve into a quivering mess of tears on the floor. Not sure yet, since it will depend on which of the stages of grief my brain decides is the default setting for the day.

It's just crazy that we now live in a world where a Throwback Thursday pic of birthday candles being blown out makes us recoil in disgust.

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That's a thing we used to do! A person would blow on the cake, sometimes multiple times, and then a whole group of people would just eat that cake.

And you just know that Aunt Cathy dug those stubby birthday candles out of the junk drawer they've lived in for decades. That's decades of old birthday breath!

It'll be interesting to see what traditions from the before times will come back in the after.

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Personally, I'm okay with skipping the candles or saying goodbye to the sweaty-palmed handshakes that supposedly tell you so much about a person.

Handshakes are a dumb way to judge people anyway. My shake isn't weak because I'm somehow going to be bad at the job I'm interviewing for. It's weak because I have chronic hand pain and crappy circulation.

I'm really going to miss communal eating experiences, though.

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Not buffets. Those always grossed me out a bit, but potlucks and Korean barbecue and everyone trying a bite of everyone else's meal at a new restaurant.

I'm just sick of the 2020 section of future history books expanding to fill a whole volume of its own.

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And there are still four months left!

Considering how much has happened in the first seven, what horrors are still to come?!

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