Long, Wavy Nails Are The New Questionable Trend

Social media goes through cycles with some "out of the box" beauty trends and ideas. With the contribution from YouTube beauty vloggers and Instagram influencers, many of these trends pick up rather quickly and become viral. From eyebrow trends to lip trends, some of them are a bit questionable.

Recently, many women are experimenting with nail trends. Now that salons are back open and people can get a fresh set of acrylics done, they are going all out with their ideas.

Some women absolutely love getting acrylics done.

As someone who was a long-time acrylics supporter, getting a fresh set makes you feel like a brand new person. And, who can hold back their smile when they hear that "tap tap tap" on a keyboard or phone screen?!?

The most recent trend in acrylic nails happens to be one that's a bit...well...interesting.

The "wavy" nail trend has popped up on Instagram from a few nail pages. The long acrylics happen to get a bit wavy down the nail, looking like squiggly nails.

Women are doing them in both fun, funky colors and simple, classic nudes.

They are definitely a show-stopper. If you see these nails on someone, you just have to stop and do a double-take. But, I'm curious how it's going to work for ladies when they have to do things with their hands (like... take care of, uh, personal hygiene).

I'd also be a bit concerned if I'm going to break a nail.

With the curves and the waves, breaking a nail is pretty easy. With these jagged edges, it'll be easy to crack a nail on something. Yikes! Not fun.

What do you think of this trend?

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