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Make Your Halloween Decor Undeadly With DIY Zombie Hand Planters

Zombies. They're creepy, they're kooky, they're ghoulish, and they're probably really smelly. Seriously. If a zombie apocalypse were to happen, all you would need to do is spray them with some AXE spray and they wouldn't survive. Arguably, none of us really would.

Anyway, if your Halloween decor needs a little undeadly love, you can create your very own zombie "pot-pocalypse" with this zombie hand planter DIY project.

If your Halloween decor style leans more towards creepy rather than cute, this "severed" zombie hand planter DIY is the perfect addition to your spooky decor this Halloween.

Sew Woodsy

It's especially perfect for plant lovers who need to give their greenery a little Halloween twist.

Lifestyle blog Sew Woodsy shows us how to make our very own zombie plant babies.

You'll need some pots or planters, soil, skewer sticks, and "severed" fake hands. Emphasis on fake, please.

Sew Woodsy

They found theirs at their local dollar store, but if you don't feel like spending time scouring town for this very specific Halloween item, you can always check out Amazon.

After you've skewered your faux severed hands, you just stick them in your soil-filled pot or planter and voila!

Sew Woodsy

If your hands are already sort of tapered, you can just stick them right into the soil sans skewers. The skewers just help them stay secure.

Instructables user M3G also has a tutorial on how to paint a faux hand to make it look a bit more undeadly.

Instructables | M3G

You can also stick a cheeky sign in about how to "care" for your new zombie plant.

This is such a simple DIY for a super creepy effect to really make your guests' skin crawl a tad. People will certainly be wondering where you got your new plant from!