Netflix Is Introducing A 'Shuffle' Feature For When You Can't Decide What To Watch

The world of streaming services is exciting and ever-changing — there's always new shows, movies, classics, originals, and tons more content to discover and watch, but if you're like me, sometimes all that choice can actually be paralyzing.

How am I supposed to decide what to watch when there are literally thousands of options at my fingertips?!

Netflix is introducing a pretty exciting new feature.

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At least, it's exciting if you're like me, and never know what to watch once you finish the last season of whatever show it was you just binged.

They're testing out a shuffle feature!

“The purpose of the test is to make it easier for members to find something to watch,” a Netflix spokesperson said of the feature, which allows users to either hit shuffle right from the login screen or to choose a "Play Something" option from the main menu.

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The spokesperson continued, saying that they hope to provide the feature permanently for everyone in the future. “The hope is to absolutely productize something,” they said.

Variety reports that the movies or show's you'll see when you hit shuffle "will be either shows or movies similar to ones you’ve watched previously; titles in genres you’ve viewed; or content you have saved in the 'My List' section."

So far the feature is only available on TV devices.

Are you excited? Would you make use of a shuffle feature, or are you only interested in watching exactly what you want to watch? Let us know in the comments below! I personally cannot wait to let Netflix decide what's next for me!

h/t: Variety