Rock Around The Halloween Tree With Wayfair's Pre-Lit Orange And Black Trees

The green evergreen tree has been a symbol of Christmas for many many years, like literally since the 16th century. The tradition is great and fun, but maybe green isn't everyone's color or style in the 21st century. Now, you can find Christmas trees in a wide range of colors and textures, from silver tinsel trees to pink and rainbow trees to suit everyone's styles.

This means trees can be a lot more diverse of a decoration, making Wayfair's pre-lit orange and black trees perfect to put up during spooky season.

Now you and yours can rock around the Halloween tree thanks to Wayfair's selection of pre-lit orange and black trees.


Their orange tree by Millwood P9ines is 4.5-feet high and filled with 250 LED lights.

This one is definitely is definitely for those who like to stand out.

The black tree is 3-feet high, so it's perfect for using as a centerpiece on a table or easily displaying in tiny spaces.


It's 100 LED lights make it look like a starry spooky night.

Who knew the Christmas tree could turn out to be so diverse?

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