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A Woman Transformed Her Entire Home Into Her Family's Very Own Disney-Inspired Magic Kingdom

There's no denying the fact that there are a lot of Disneyphiles out there in the world. Many of us know at least one person that is, or hey, maybe you're one yourself! From Disney-themed weddings to yearly (if not weekly) Disney Park trips, there are plenty of people who can't get enough of the magical utopian escape that is Disney.

One Disneyphile family is so obsessed, they turned their home into their own Magic Kingdom.

If you thought *you* were Disney-obsessed, just take a look at Kelsey Michelle's home.

Instagram | @kelseymichelle85

The self-proclaimed "Disney decorator" has been sharing snippets of her Disney-themed home over on her TikTok page for an MTV Cribs-style tour.

Every nook and cranny of her family's home is accounted for.

Instagram | @kelseymichelle85

Her decorations are a mix of new purchases, thrifted or secondhand items, and creative DIYs that all come together to fit the magical and whimsical Disney theme.

While she often finds Disney-inspired fixtures from places like eBay and Etsy, she also also upcycles and paints non-licensed furniture and decor pieces to give them the Disney treatment.

Instagram | @kelseymichelle85

Many of the rooms also have a particular Disney theme, like an Aladdin or Little Mermaid-inspired bathroom, a Rapunzel-themed formal living room, and a Beauty and the Beast dining room.

Other rooms are a fun and colorful hodgepodge of Disney goodies, including Mickey Mouse accents and knickknacks from any Disney movie you can think of.

Kelsey still manages to flip her rooms for the holidays, finding even more seasonal Disney decor to fill the rooms with and reflect the change of the seasons.

Instagram | @kelseymichelle85

Definitely head to her TikTok page to get the grand tour for yourself!