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10+ Hidden Details In 'Clueless' Fans Didn't Notice

Throughout the '90s, very few films were as iconic as Clueless. This lovable comedy ushered in a new era of coming-of-age filmmaking and satirical storytelling.

Below are 10+ hidden details in Clueless that fans didn't catch.

Have a look and see if you were able to catch these your first time around! If you didn't let us know down below!

Is that girl getting a manicure?

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I've had some pretty permissive teachers during my tenure as a student. But one thing I can say with certainty is that none were so apathetic as to allow someone to do their nails.

Cher's teacher seems to disagree.

Is Cher's dad's desk facing the wrong way?

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It sure looks like it. What possible benefit would there be in facing your desk drawers out and away from you?

It'd be pretty awkward every time you needed to retrieve a pencil, that's for sure.

Why doesn't Cher use her futuristic closet more often?

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If I had a computer program that could tell me exactly what I needed to wear every single day, I would use and abuse it until the gears fell off.

Yet for some reason, we see Cher pining over her outfit at multiple points? Use the machine!

Why is Amber recycling the same outfit twice in one week?

I feel like such a hypocrite saying this, considering I've been wearing the same pair of shorts for three days in a row. But at the same time, I'm not claiming to be a Beverly Hills fashionista, either.

She wears the same army-style outfit and the only difference between the two is her hairstyle.

The grades don't match the comments.

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If you look closely at Cher's report card, you'll see that she's made a grave mistake.

Cher only changed the letter-grades. The comments remain intact and incredibly negative.

*Clueless* started a fashion trend — not Paris Hilton!

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Remember the days when the only way to know who was calling you was to answer your phone and say "hello?" Truly terrifying times.

Look at how Dionne and Amber wear their pagers in the film. It's exactly how everyone started wearing their phones in the early 2000s! Sorry Paris, but these girls have you beat.

How many fireplaces does one house need?!

By my count, there are at least three different fireplaces inside Cher's house. Even if you lived in Alaska, would you really need more than one?

Let alone in Beverly Hills where it never dips below 40 degrees even in the harshest winter!

Travis is using his dirty skateboard as a lunch tray.

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Maybe I'm the only one but for some reason, it took me about 20 times through Clueless before I ever noticed this.

Looking at this scene post-COVID changes your entire perception.

Doesn't the painting of Cher's mother bare a striking resemblance to Alicia Silverstone?

Well, it should! The painting was specifically commissioned for the film by an artist named Victor Rinaldo.

He crafted the piece by hand from a photograph of Alicia.

There's an awful lot of product placement in the film.

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Take a look at the table every time Cher and Dionne sit down for a meal or have lunch at school: Diet Coke, Minute Maid, Naya water — the list goes on.

The chalkboard says a lot.

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Take a closer look at the chalkboard during the scene where Cher defends her position on American refugees.

If you look at the very top of the board, the statement reads "Resolution: Women are still treated as second-class citizens."

Cher can't even plagiarize Shakespeare properly!

The note that she writes to Ms. Geist under the presumption of Mr. Hall is Shakespeare's Sonnet 18.

If you actually read the poem and compare it to Cher's, you'll see that she's jumbled up the words and the lines!

Let's talk about sex.

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During the Club Fair scene, Amber can be seen sitting at a booth with the writing "Let's talk about sex, baby."

If you didn't grow up in the '90s, then you may not have known that it's actually a lyric from a Salt-N-Peppa song of the same name.

Does no one ever question Amber's hairstyles?

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I'm not trying to hate on her or dull her shine, but you have to admit that some of them are pretty outlandish — especially for the '90s.

I guess Amber was just ahead of her time.

Cher and Dionne are wearing matching outfits in opposite colors.

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Cher is wearing yellow-plaid with white and Dionne wears black-plaid with red. Was there a deleted scene wherein this was planned?

Can they communicate with each other telepathically? It couldn't possibly just be a coincidence, could it?