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Laurence Fishburne 'Wasn't Invited' To Reprise Role As Morpheus In 'The Matrix 4'

When news broke that The Matrix 4 was being released and that Keanu Reeves and Carrie Ann Moss were reviving their roles as Neo and Trinity respectively, fans were incredibly excited. However, fans also noticed that one actor had not yet confirmed whether or not he would be appearing in the new installment — Laurence Fishburne, who played Morpheus.

*The Matrix* are a part of film history.

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The iconic movies follow Keanu Reeves as Neo as he fights his way out of the simulated reality that humans are trapped living in, and as famous as Keanu is for the films, the movies other leads were just as memorable, and fans were excited to see them all return in The Matrix 4.

Laurence Fishburne's character Morpheus is definitely a fan favorite.

Not only is Morpheus the one behind the iconic "red pill or blue pill" choice given to Neo, the character is maybe one of the most recognizable features of the franchise with his small round sunglasses with no earpieces.

"It is probably the role that I’ll be best remembered for, which is great; it’s not the only thing I’ll be remembered for, which is better," Laurence said.

"I’ve got Darth Vader in this hand, and I’ve got Obi-Wan in that hand. I’ve got Bruce Lee, I’ve got Muhammad Ali shuffled in there, and I got kung fu. It’s pretty good. People confuse me with Morpheus. They think I am Morpheus. I am not Morpheus. I’m not even close," Laurence told Vulture about the part.

Then Laurence was asked if he was returning for The Matrix 4.

His answer was short and sweet: "No."

"I have not been invited," Laurence added, but made it clear that there wasn't any hard feelings on his end, saying, "I wish them well. I hope it's great."

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