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People Are Turning Their Garages Into Giant Terrifyingly Cool Monsters For Halloween

When it comes to decorating for Halloween, retail stores pretty much have everything we need to get the job done. For crafty people, that's not always the case. They have bigger and better ideas that stores don't necessarily deliver on, which is why they take decorating for Halloween into their own hands.

For example, we may have never thought to turn our garages into giant monsters, but thanks to some crafty people out there, now we're inspired.

If you never thought to decorate your garage for Halloween, you sure might be now.

Facebook | My Monster House

How cool is this? With some decals, your garage opening suddenly looks like a terrifying giant monster who's ready to eat some cars.

The trend kicked off in 2016 when Facebook user Amanda Destro Pierson posted a video of her DIY monster garage.

Facebook | Amanda Destro Pierson

Her hand-painted gained so much national attention that she decided to create a Facebook group called My Monster House to inspire other monster-making folks out there.

Amanda revealed that she hand paints the spooky decals on massive sheets of craft foam, which she the mounts to a board of coroplast to ensure they stay nice and flat against the garage.

Facebook | My Monster House

So, you sort of also need to be an artist to achieve a realistic looking monster, but there's nothing wrong with bringing your own personal touch to your monster garage.

TikToker @inspiringherbalifemom gave the trend a try, sharing the results on TikTok, complete with the iconic soundtrack from *Halloween*.

TikTok | @inspiringherbalifemom

She found everything she needed at the dollar store, so it's totally affordable to make.

If you don't want to spend countless hours DIYing your own decorations, Amazon has what you need.


They sell giant monster face decorations that can be used for any opening to your home.

Do you think you'll give this monster DIY of a project a try? Let us know!