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Fans Are Confused By Wendy Williams' 'Creepy' Birthday Tribute For Her Son

Wendy Williams is no stranger to controversy. While normally the drama surrounds the things that she says or does on her talk show, The Wendy Williams Show, sometimes it comes from a more personal place.

Wendy's most recent controversy came from an Instagram post celebrating her son's 20th birthday, which sounds innocuous enough until you start reading the comments.

Wendy Williams is clearly a very proud mother.

Wendy only has one child, her son Kevin Hunter Jr. who just celebrated his 20th birthday. Like many parents, Wendy took to social media to share a tribute to her son on his special day, but the contents of the picture raised some eyebrows.

"Today is my biggest day! Son Kevin & I are celebrating his 20th birthday," Wendy wrote.

Instagram | @wendywilliams

"He's in Miami & I'm in NYC, but love never stops. If you look closely you'll see remains of 1st hair cut, my cerclage is on sneaker, like a mom... I DO have all his teeth," Wendy continued in the caption.

Fans were confused by all of the items Wendy had laid out.

“What in the voodoo witchcraft is all that hair," one fan wrote in the comments.

Instagram | @wendyshow

“I’m more concerned about the cerclage 🤮 it’s the stitch(es) that hold your cervix closed. Whhhhyyyyy,” one comment read, explaining something I didn't really want explained.

One fan added, "I'm all for saving precious memories but this is all a little creepy..."

Some fans were more on board.

"I thought I was the only one who saved the cords. Now I know I’m not crazy like my kids said I was," one fan commented.

How do you feel about all the stuff that Wendy kept? Is it creepy, or is it something that some moms just do? Let us know in the comments!