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This Curly Cat Named Chirico Always Looks Like She's Judging People

Is it just me or do we rarely see cats go viral because they have open, friendly faces? They always seem to be somewhere on the spectrum of angry.

Or at the very least, like in the case of the kitty named Chirico, judging the heck out of everything we humans do.

Yes, cats can be gentle, sweet creatures, but they are also cursed with resting witch face.

Chirico lives in Japan and has gone viral for two very specific reasons.

Instagram | @chirichirichirico

The first is that she is a lovely white, longhaired Selkirk rex.

The second is that in every photo she appears to be judging the photographer and finding them wanting.

The Selkirk rex is a very new breed of cat prized for its naturally curly fur.

The curl is the result of a naturally-occurring gene mutation first recognized in 1987. In fact, the entire line is believed to originate from a single cat named Miss DePesto, who was born in a shelter in Montana. She was adopted by a breeder who quickly discovered that the curl was a dominant gene.

While there are a few other naturally curly cat breeds, the Selkirk rex is the only one with a dominant curly gene.

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This allows for more cross-breeding, allowing the breed to multiply quickly and also keep the gene pool healthy.

It doesn't hurt that the kitties are super cute and cuddly, either.

Even their whiskers are curly!

Instagram | @chirichirichirico

In fact, that's how curly kittens are distinguished from their straight-haired siblings when newborns.

As for Chirico, her human told Bored Panda that her moody face is just a front for a very sweet, strawberry-loving kitty cat.

I'd definitely brave the judgment if offered a snuggle. You can follow Chirico on Instagram @chirichirichirico.