10+ Teachers Who Get An 'A' For Effort

Teaching is a work of art. It takes a lot of courage, time, and thought to get up every single day in front of hundreds of children and educate them. Not to mention, kids are the harshest critics in the world. The moment we mess up one thing, they're all quick to point it out, they ridiculing us much more harshly than we could ever ridicule ourselves.

This teacher who will regret this mistake for the rest of the year.


Once something like this happens, it's hard to reel the kids back in. There is a very good chance this teacher will hear about this mistake for the rest of the year.

This teacher whose hangman game went sour real fast.

While "grassland" is an appropriate habitat to learn about in science, getting to the answer is sure to leave us with "assland" on the board for quite some time. Cue the giggles from the kids!

This teacher who locked her keys in the classroom.

This teacher clearly has done this more than once, seeing as she knows exactly how to take apart her classroom door to get her keys back. Someone should give her a spare just in case.

This science teacher who forgot the dissection.

Coming into a classroom with an entire pool of blood on the floor would be sure to give any teacher a damn heart attack. But that's what happens when you forget that you did a dissection the day before...yikes.

This art teacher who made a whole mess.

When you have far too many projects in the classroom, there's a good chance you will mess some of them up. Ceramics are not the easiest either... They always shatter.

The worst teacher fail of all.

Glue sticks should be kept far, far away from Chapsticks. No one wants to make the mistake of using the glue stick... Her lips will be sealed for a while.

This looks a tad awkward.

This finger looks like it's giving me the wrong finger. Also, that's not the best-looking hand I've ever seen. Change up this anchor chart, not the best idea!

This teacher who needs a new font.

That font is just...wrong. It looks like a bunch of inappropriate things. You know what they look like. I don't need to spell it out for everyone. Just, don't use this font ever again.

Yikes, typo!

This teacher accidentally left a potty word in the word search for homework. Every student is going to circle it, no doubt! Better luck next time.

The biggest teacher fail of all.

Coffee is like fuel for every teacher. If you're a teacher, you know coffee is the reason you get up every morning and do your job. Spilling a full one is like heartbreak on the spot.

Virtual learning isn't easy!

For those who think virtual/remote learning is easy, let me tell you it is not. We make mistakes every now and again, like putting the wrong link in the wrong place. Oops!

This teacher who accidentally killed the class pet.

It's an innovative way to tell the kids that there is no fish in there, but she'd better replace that fish soon before they start telling their parents that they, too, want to go fishing.

This teacher who tried to refill the beanbag chair.

One thing is for sure when it comes to a classroom: Never refill the beanbag chairs. Actually, get rid of beanbag chairs altogether because the kids will probably poke holes in them eventually.

This teacher who cut off her copies in the worst spot.

The copy machine usually never works, but when it does, we should be careful where we lay out the papers. No one wants to sing "ass in pocket," I'm sure.

This teacher whose books are literally lit.

There's nothing like having an assembly and accidentally setting an entire book on fire in front of kids and your administration. Teacher burn, literally.

This teacher whose dog ate everyone's homework.


Lucky for those kids who failed this assignment or forgot to do it completely. This dog is on the side of the students. Everyone gets an A for this!

This sub teacher who used a dry erase marker on the SMARTboard.


Smartboards are used for projecting the computer, not for writing information on them. Someone tell the sub he needs to hide because this is going to cost the school tons of money.

This teacher whose Google Classroom code is dirty, dirty, dirty.


Google Classroom generates a random set of numbers and letters when setting up a classroom. This one is for sure going to make all the high school kids laugh. Time to swap it.

This professor who needs a reminder.


It's one thing to get super salty with your students, but it's another when you're the one who has made the mistake. At least he said sorry and asked for forgiveness.

This teacher who tried to buy heart-shaped balloons.


If this was going to be for Valentine's Day, maybe get some other balloons like Xs and Os, or even just red ones. These look like they could be boobs or balls! Yikes!

This teacher who tried to make fake snow for her kids.


Instead of fake snow, maybe stick to pom pom snowmen. No administration wants to come in and see plastic bags full of white powder. School would go on lock-down mode, ASAP!

This teacher who accidentally ate a student's snack.


Imagine you have to call a parent and say, "Oops, I'm sorry, I ate little Lizzy's donut today because I thought it was a delicious gift for myself." How awkward!