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Chocolate Snow Falls On Swiss Town After Ventilation Issue At Lindt Factory

Finally, some weather no one could complain about. A Swiss town got the gift of chocolate snow after a malfunction at a nearby chocolate factory, leaving everyone feeling pretty sweet.

In what sound's like every child's dream, a town woke up to chocolate snow just a few days ago.

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The town of Olten, Switzerland had a sweet surprise earlier this month when chocolate snow began to seemingly fall from the sky.

It was later discovered to have been created by a malfunction at a nearby chocolate factory.

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The Lindt & Spruengli company confirmed that a small defect in their cooling ventilation caused some of their "cocoa nibs," or crushed cocoa beans, to be whisked right out of the factory.

That malfunction, mixed with the high winds, caused those cocoa bits to be blown right over Olten.

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The chips left a fine brown dusting across parts of the town that were within the immediate vicinity of the factory.

No damage was done, except for one car that was lightly coated with the dust.

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The only "damage" done was it being covered at all. The chocolate company offered to pay for it to be cleaned but wasn't taken up on their offer.

The memory of a car being dusted with chocolate would be worth the trouble of giving it a wash.

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I'd worry the most about ants, because this is how you get a lot of ants.

At least, I'm assuming Switzerland also has ants.

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If not, then it really is the land dreams are made of!

Sadly, Google tells me that there are 170 species of ant there. So yeah, guess that chocolate should be cleaned up ASAP.

Lindt & Spruengli assured that the particles weren't harmful for humans or the environment.

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But they did get the ventilation system repaired rather quickly. Sure, it's not dangerous, but they can't be out here creating new weather patterns!

Though maybe it could become a tasty, yearly tradition?

I'm sure the residents of Olten are bummed they won't be getting more candy snow, but I'm sure it'll remain a unique and memorable story of theirs.

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