10+ Online Shopping Orders That Didn't Live Up To The Hype

I have to admit, it took me some time to feel comfortable shopping online. I'm one of those weird people who like to see, touch, and try on things before I buy them, ha, ha!

But after a while, I gave in to online shopping. Sometimes though, it turns out that the bargain you found online doesn't live up to its hype in real life.

1. This Mask

Reddit | the_nerd_dad

Now that everybody is ordering all these fancy masks, this is bound to happen. This is the result of trusting a shady website that promises you stuff it clearly can't deliver. It isn't even close now, is it?

2. These Shorts

Reddit | badgurlkiki

Are you ever intrigued by the ads you see on Instagram? It happens to me all the time. There's always something that looks fabulous until you read the comments. This girl clearly didn't do her homework properly.

3. This Inflatable Fishing Boat

Reddit | peanutbutterandbacos

This person ordered an inflatable fishing boat only to receive an inflatable swan instead. Somehow I don't think this is going to suffice in their case, haha. That's quite the difference in product, to say the least.

4. This Terrible Prada Knockoff

It serves this person right to try to buy a Prada purse online for really cheap. They should have known better. Those things never go on sale and they're always pretty dang pricey when they're real.

5. This Secure Purchase

One convenience of shopping online is that you don't have to visit a store. But when a store sends you an item with a security tag still on it, you're in big trouble. Now, what to do?

6. This Scary Purchase

Reddit | saltybeefcurtains

If you're a fan of scary movies I bet you'll get a kick out of this online purchase fail. This person ordered a big rug and this is what they got instead. Talk about scary, right?

7. This Crop Top Fail

Reddit | ECBD44

I'm always wary of ordering something that's listed as extra small because this isn't exactly the look I am going for. And it wasn't what this lady expected either. At least I don't think so, ha, ha!

8. This Dress

Imgur | Elf5180

You know that saying, "When it seems too good to be true it usually is"? This is pretty much the perfect example of this. This lady thought she had scored big getting this dress for cheap but she only got played.

9. This Toy

Reddit | pfeifwifelife

This mom thought she had found the cutest gift for her son, only to get completely disappointed. Aww, why would anyone do this to a hard-working mom who just wanted to treat her kid? This is, indeed, so sad.

10. This Christmas Gift

Imgur | clgriff55

Speaking of gifts for kids, this gentleman thought he was buying a powder blue ukulele for a three-year-old and then got this. I really don't think this is an appropriate gift for a child that age.

11. This Plushie

Reddit | Pinkle-monade

This person was expecting a huge plushie, so imagine their surprise when they got this instead. I bet they were pretty pissed when it arrived. I know I would have been. If in doubt, always ask before you buy.

12. This Mistaken Identity

OMG, can you believe this story? I mean, I would be so furious to find out that the website I had ordered from was fake. To then receive anything from them at all is a surprise all on its own, ha, ha!

13. This Plant

Reddit | ItsMeMurphYSlaw

This lady ordered a plant for her boyfriend's birthday that he's been wanting for a long time. Needless to say, she wasn't too impressed when it finally arrived just in time. Aww, that's so sad.

14. These Flowers

Reddit | AshtonCopernicus

I'm always tempted to order flowers online for my mom on Mother's Day. But, then again, I've learned that it's better to do it in person — especially when I see fails like these. What a waste of money.

15. This Baby Yoda Toy

Reddit | theplushbunni

Don't get tempted by those Instagram ads because usually what you end up getting is nothing like the picture. This Baby Yoda looked so cute online, but in person? Not so much. Aww, it could've been so adorable.

16. These Recliners

Reddit | Buttery_Queef

It looks to me like this person has fallen into a whole bait-and-switch scam. They thought they were ordering these reclining camping chairs and this is what they got instead. Oh my goodness, that's not even close.

17. This Power Cleaner

Reddit | mysteryscoop

This person thought they were ordering a cool power cleaner. It turns out what they received looks more like a child's toy, ha, ha! Needless to say, they requested a refund and, thankfully, Paypal came through for them.

18. These Pants

Reddit | msnkz

If something looks a little too good to be true on Wish, you might want to reconsider getting it. This lady ended up going for it and she lived to regret her choice. These aren't even cute at all. Ugh!

19. This Cake

Reddit | tixieej

It serves this person right for ordering a cake from some unknown website because it definitely seemed too good to be true. That doesn't resemble Darth Vader at all, lol. The force is not strong with this cake.

20. This Mac And Cheese

Reddit | obamainkhakis

I dunno who orders mac and cheese online when it's to easy to make yourself but if you absolutely have to do it, I hope it turns out better than what this person got here. Goldfish crackers? Really?

21. This Whole Incident

Reddit | beejaamz

This person ordered an infinity gauntlet from a dodgy website that only asked for postage. Then, his credit card was cloned. There were various credit accounts opened in his name and then he received this in the post weeks later. Wow, I'm speechless. Let this story be a warning!

22. This Bean Bag

If you waited three months for your online order and you got this, would you be laughing or crying? I'm happy to at least see that this person has a great sense of humor about it.

So, have you ever gotten fooled as badly as these folks?

I have to say, so far I've been pretty fortunate. But I always stick to reputable sites for this very reason. You can never be too cautious if you ask me.